Guy Roux’s Eye of Tuesday July 2: “It was match Monday”

In his weekly post for L’Yonne républicaine on Tuesday July 2, 2024, Guy Roux looks at the current sports news, between Euro football and the Tour de France.

Can we talk calmly about sport these days, and even these nights, which are marked by politics?

Yet the television schedule is plentiful. After an indigestion of Euro matches, we find ourselves in Italy for a festival of natural beauty and also monuments with the Tour de France. This country is and has been inhabited by a population that breathes beauty and recites it in monuments.

Although we think we know what we’re talking about, our predictions are a bit like the weather forecast.

In football, Italy was the reigning European champion. Only in title because even the championship does not bear comparison with what it was. The clubs of Napoli, AS Roma, or Inter Milan make great champions in full stadiums. In the glory days, Italian players were in the majority, sometimes with an Italian son of a miner from Lorraine. But his name was Michel Platini. A few days ago, an Italian national team without spring lost to Switzerland in regulation time (0-2), not even on penalties.

France, which will have played when these lines are published, which we talk about beforehand, does not inspire us with unwavering confidence. Although we believe we know what we are talking about, our forecasts are a bit like the weather. At 4pm yesterday, two hours before the match, I hope that my pessimism is a passing feeling. I hope that Kylian Mbappé will forget the fragility of his nose. In any case, the nose is fragile.

Ah, those last 16 and penalty shootouts… Was it necessary to train for them? But no, if it’s 2-0. Optimism has returned.

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