HYERES: Lay’s reveals its recipe for joy at Villa Carmignac

HYERES: Lay’s reveals its recipe for joy at Villa Carmignac
HYERES: Lay’s reveals its recipe for joy at Villa Carmignac

2024 marks a new era for the Lay’s brand, which is completely reinventing itself and launching a brand new brand platform called “Joy is a Simple Recipe”.

This campaign, whose universe is tinged with good humor, spontaneity and small joys of everyday life, will be adapted according to the specificities of the regions of France. This summer, Lay’s invites all gourmets to come and experience a magical and unusual moment during the Paradiso open-air cinema festival produced by mk2. Present with its new food truck La Chipserie Lay’s, the brand will offer its flagship products, revisited through original recipes created by renowned chefs, in a friendly and timeless setting.

Lay’s: Joy in all simplicity

Lay’s, an iconic brand at the heart of joyful occasions for generations in France, is celebrating its brand new platform “Joy is a simple recipe”. A true and significant transformation of the brand in its 90-year history, this campaign invites people to savor simple joys and enjoy moments of happiness. This new communication platform is based on a universal principle: Joy is a simple recipe. In a world where we always want more to be happy, Lay’s responds simply: look for the ingredients that make us smile. Lay’s wants to remind people that joy is simple and that it can be found everywhere. No matter who we are, where we live, we all have our own ingredients for happiness. This new platform is inspired by a flagship range: the Nature range, made from just three ingredients: potatoes, oil and salt*, for crispy and delicious chips, to make every occasion a little moment of joy. Through this new campaign, Lay’s therefore wanted to take up the principle of these 3 key ingredients to decline its campaign infinitely with 3 key words inspiring joy.

Lay’s: joy in the heart of the regions

“Today, Lay’s is the best-known brand on the market and the one that best meets consumer expectations. But we want to take it even further and make Lay’s an iconic brand. Through this new campaign that breaks the mold, we wanted to have a joyful, conniving and universal message. And we can say that it has bite!” says Lucas Sala Bufill, Marketing Director Snacks at PepsiCo France. To kick off the campaign, Lay’s launched an advertising spot on June 3 entitled “Dog Car Window” featuring and illustrating one of the recipes for joy using the principle of the 3 key words. A campaign visible throughout France, relayed on TV, in the press and on social networks.

This new campaign, which evokes all these little joys, so numerous and so universal, will be available in multiple ways: according to regional specificities and cultural habits with an adaptation of the visuals and the three associated words.

In the south :

Walk – Aperitif – Chihuahua

In the north :

Eclaircie – Terrasse – Braderie

New products that will make you crack

Lay’s doesn’t do things by halves, and from the bag to the recipe, nothing is left out in this new era. The Lay’s Classique crisps bag is adorned with new matte-looking packaging, made up of 50% plant-based ingredients*. It also displays greater clarity in its sustainable commitments and highlights its star ingredient: the potato. * (in mass balance and ISCC certified, from plant oil.) In terms of recipes, the majority of the Lay’s Classique range is evolving to reach Nutri-Score B, with 40% less salt compared to the old recipe* while maintaining an intact taste experience. *(Representing at least -25% salt compared to the average crisps on the market) Two new flavors are also appearing in the flavored Paysanne range: Chicken with Dijon Mustard and Honey and Salt and Normandy Cider Vinegar. Two new products inspired by our regions, which strengthen Lay’s link with French culinary heritage and which complement the already existing references: Caramelized Roscoff Onion flavor, Jura Cheese and Black Pepper flavor or Fresh Garonne Garlic and Fine Herbs Cheese flavor.

Lay’s Chipserie: a unique place to share moments of joy

Enjoying the simple joys of life is the mission of Lay’s, which is going to meet aperitif aficionados* with a unique food truck in the brand’s colors. The brand is creatively reinventing the codes to offer the French a unique and local tasting moment. Several recipes based on Lay’s chips, combined with 3 ingredients, will be offered, for a gourmet and magical moment in front of your favorite film. In collaboration with renowned chefs, La Chipserie Lay’s is offering unforgettable moments of sharing in several cities in France, including:

From July 8 to 10 at the CinéClub Paradiso La Seine Musicale in Boulogne-Billancourt for 3 evenings of open-air cinema and dancing, with the presence of Michelin-starred Chef Guillaume Sanchez on July 9.

On July 12 and 13 at the CinéClub Paradiso Villa Carmignac on the island of Porquerolles in the company of Chef Mohamed Cheikh, winner of season 12 of Top Chef, and present on July 12 for an immersive experience as part of the film and music festival.



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