The Courteille social center opens a solidarity fridge in Alençon

The Courteille social center opens a solidarity fridge in Alençon
The Courteille social center opens a solidarity fridge in Alençon

Around twenty people were present on Wednesday late afternoon for the inauguration of the solidarity fridge at the Courteille social centre.

Limit waste and encourage sharing

The primary objective of this fridge is to limit waste and encourage sharing. Everyone can drop off food they no longer want. Whether it is fruit, vegetables, dairy products, products with an unexpired use-by date (UBD) or products with an optimal use-by date (UBD), even reasonably exceeded. Cooked meals, started products and alcohol are refused. The complete list of products accepted or refused is visible on the appliance.

Faced with current difficulties, this fridge forms a new form of sharingexplains Danielle Toulet, the vice-president of the social center.Some partners are already participating in the project, such as the Restos du cœur. They are the first to stock the fridge.

Complementary to other solidarity projects

This is an action that has been long awaited.confides Antoine Geslin, director of the social center. This project aims to be complementary to the projects of other social actors in the neighborhood and the City; we are not in competition with the emergency collective, for example.

For the moment, the fridge is located at the reception level, to be visible and to publicize the project. “But later, it will be moved to our solidarity space, with the donation shop.”

Clothes, books and toys available for free

The donation shop, or boutika’dons, is the second part of this solidarity project. It is a dedicated room filled with clothes, mainly for children, toys and books.

Rather than throwing away what is still in good condition, people are encouraged to donate it. Everything is then available for free. People are really playing the game, it’s nice. For the toddlers’ clothes, we already have clothes that have left, then come back and left again, says Sevgi Kose, receptionist. At first, the donation shop was just a tiny shelf in the entrance and people didn’t dare look too much or help themselves. Now, it’s more discreet, in a dedicated room, so more people come.

The social center is calling on all people of good will to fill its solidarity fridge, including, for example, local traders.



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