SDUT Thionville: the roadmap is becoming clearer | Factuel

SDUT Thionville: the roadmap is becoming clearer | Factuel
SDUT Thionville: the roadmap is becoming clearer | Factuel

Nearly fifty stakeholders and partners met at the IUT Thionville-Yutz for a half-day dedicated to the development of the North Moselle Territorial University Deployment Plan (SDUT). This follows the diagnostic territorial presented last November to the territory.

Stéphane LEYMARIE, Vice-president in charge of territorial strategy and institutional life and Pierre CUNY, Mayor of Thionville and President of the Portes de France Thionville Urban Community welcomed representatives from the Grand Est Region, the Moselle Department, EPCI and town halls, the Rectorate, high schools, training organizations in the area (UIMM, IFSI, CNAM), the Crous Lorraine, the local mission, local businesses, cultural structures and student associations…

The objective? To draw up a roadmap for university action in the region around 4 themes:

  • Responding to the issues ofaccess to higher education on the territories.
  • To accompany the development and attractiveness of territories linked to economic ecosystems.
  • Make Student life a factor in academic success.
  • Fully assume the societal and environmental role of the University (dissemination of scientific-technical-industrial culture, equality-diversity-inclusion, disability, sustainable development, etc.).

Afternoon schedule: territorial stakeholders formed eclectic groups and were able to participate in discussions on each of these axes. Each workshop was led by representatives of the University of Lorraine in the presence of representatives of the departments concerned.

Workshop 1: Access to higher education

Led by Samuel NOWAKOWSKI and in the presence of Anne CIONI, Deputy Director of SOIP and Juliette BRETON, Guidance Officer, the discussions focused in particular on strengthening existing guidance systems. New systems were also discussed to try to better inform parents and include them in the guidance and preparation phases for higher education. On-site discovery systems or direct exchanges between students and high school students were proposed.

Workshop 2: Attractiveness and economic development

Yann TODESCHINI, SDUT project manager, led the workshop, in the presence of Jérôme STERPENICH, Vice-President Partnerships and Ugo DAINCHE-CECCONELLO, SIRIUS Project Manager. On this theme, the participants expressed the desire to think of projects and systems to strengthen the link between the business world and the academic world for their territory. The proposed projects aim in particular to create meeting and exchange spaces adapted to the new needs and practices of companies (digital revolution, regulatory developments, sustainable development).

Workshop 3: Student life

Jules FERBER, Student Vice-President and with the participation of Pierre DEGOTT, Vice-President University Life, were able to orchestrate the workshop on student life. The participants proposed actions in favor of housing, catering, mobility and health in the Thionville area. The good representation of actors from the socio-cultural world (NEST, Geulard +, city services) also made it possible to propose cultural projects and actions to student associations in the area.

Workshop 4: Social and environmental responsibility

This workshop was led by Eric SAND, Territorial Animation Project Manager, with the support of Nicolas BECK, Director of University Life and Culture (DVUC) and Yves CARDELLINI, Disability Officer and Delegate for Equality, Diversity, Inclusion (EDI). The local stakeholders were not short of inspiration to propose projects related to inclusion, gender equality, consent, etc. Action plans were also discussed in connection with sustainable development (soft mobility, limiting the carbon footprint). Student associations, cultural stakeholders, and local authorities were particularly in tune with these key themes of the school project.



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