Beauvais. Under the influence of drugs, he hits the municipal police car

Beauvais. Under the influence of drugs, he hits the municipal police car
Beauvais. Under the influence of drugs, he hits the municipal police car
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On February 14, around midnight, the Beauvais police noticed that a motorist, Sofiane Annaby, 22 years oldchanges direction without using his indicator. They stop him and during the check, they notice that a strong smell of cannabis fills the passenger compartment of the car.

The young man confesses that he smoked a joint two hours earlier. The police find two bags of cannabis in the car. He is taken into custody and leaves the police station with a summons for the preliminary admission of guilt hearing and a provisional suspension of his driving license for nine months.

First consequence, he lost his job at Beauvais airport. This adventure had a strong impact on him, especially since without a driving license, finding a job is almost impossible.

He felt sorry for a friend who couldn’t drive

But, just three months later, while smoking cannabis, he was stopped again after ramming a municipal police car, stopped at a red light.I felt perfectly fit to drive.he told the president of the court on Monday July 1 during his immediate appearance. I felt sorry for a friend who was unable to drive and wanted to drive him home.»

The President notes that “It is driving after using products classified as narcotics that is punishable, and that in any case, the use of narcotics is prohibited.»

He gets into the back seat to make it look like he wasn’t driving.

The three municipal police officers who saw the car coming up behind them are becoming civil parties. Just after the collision, they saw the driver hastily get into the back left seat. But in the heat of the moment, he forgot one of his shoes in the front. It’s hard to believe that he wasn’t behind the wheel. He didn’t persist in that direction: “I was afraid of the consequences, I knew I was no longer allowed to drive. I have always respected the law…» «Except in February“, the president interrupts.

Sofiane Annaby claims to no longer use cannabis. He replaced it with a gym membership. He found a job as a telephone repairman. He proudly shows his test results which show his abstinence.

For their part, the police officers are each claiming €3,000 for their physical injuries, which resulted in them being totally unable to work for a day. The defendant is surprised that they did not claim anything the day after the accident, when his car was insured.

He received an eight-month suspended sentence.

The deputy prosecutor notes that he is trying to get out of it. Since his criminal record is still clean, she is requesting an eight-month suspended prison sentence and the cancellation of his license, which will no longer have a single point in it anyway: minus six points in February and minus six points again at the end of this hearing, with a ban on retaking it for a period of two months.

The court followed the prosecutor’s demands: Sofiane Annaby was sentenced to an eight-month suspended prison sentence. His license was revoked, he would have to wait two months before applying for a new one and he would have to compensate each police officer to the tune of €300.



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