“We are launching the Valencia Ruby pigmented orange”

“We are launching the Valencia Ruby pigmented orange”
“We are launching the Valencia Ruby pigmented orange”

The consumption of pigmented oranges continues to grow and their offer is becoming increasingly diversified. The Valencian company Citrus Nostrum continues to bet on increasing its production of pigmented oranges Red Kalesi or Beriland Family Taste, brands under which it sells its varieties with orange skin and red flesh.

“We are starting the commercial campaign for the Valencia Ruby variety, of which we expect to market around 1 million kilos in Europe, mainly in the wholesale markets and supermarkets of Italy, France, Germany and Spain, although we are also present in the Canadian market,” says Raimundo Santa María, sales manager of the company Citrus Nostrum.

“Our star variety of pigmented orange, with orange skin but ruby ​​red pulp, is sold under our brands Red Kalesi-Energie du Dragon and Beriland Family Taste ‘The Red Jewel of Citrus’. With these brands, we are present in traditional markets and supermarkets with a specific quality mark for each of them,” explains Raimundo.

The production plots are located in the provinces of Valencia, Alicante and Seville, allowing the company to guarantee a sustained supply during the marketing period, from May to August, a calendar very similar to that of Valencia Late.

“Customers are already receiving our shipments with a very good reception in the market, as it is a differentiating product among the citrus market offer at these dates. We will be present, at the service of the customer, to meet their needs in the coming months,” says Raimundo.

“We are pleased to inform our customers and consumers of the important differences and benefits of Red Kalesi and Beriland Family Taste compared to other citrus fruits available on the market today. The main difference lies in the red color of its pulp, due to its high content of lycopene, very beneficial for health and great allies in preventing diseases.”

“They also have higher levels of antioxidants than the vast majority of oranges, combined with high levels of vitamin C. We are probably looking at one of the healthiest oranges in the world,” says Citrus Nostrum’s sales director.

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