2024 Legislative Elections. Dole: Does the RN candidate really plan to leave the Jura?

2024 Legislative Elections. Dole: Does the RN candidate really plan to leave the Jura?
2024 Legislative Elections. Dole: Does the RN candidate really plan to leave the Jura?


Julien Berrier

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Jul 2, 2024 at 1:51 PM

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National Rally candidate who came out on top in the third constituency of Jura (39.73%) in the first round of the 2024 legislative elections, Aurore Vuillemin-Plançon is mayor of Rouffanges but also a local government agent in civilian life.

However, for several days now the rumour has been growing: the RN candidate has already planned to leave the Jura since she has requested her professional transfer. Everyone is asking for transfers” she breathes.

I did indeed request a change of position to respond to a professional opportunity that also corresponds to a personal choice. I did this well before the launch of the campaign.

Aurore Vuillemin-Plançon, RN candidate in the 3rd constituency

For the mayor of Rouffanges, two necessities presided over this decision: “My husband is a regional executive for Coca, so it was a question of making life easier for the couple while distancing myself professionally from the sector in which I am elected for fear of reprisals.”

The Aurore-Vuillemin-Plançon route

Aurore Vuillemin-Plançon’s rise to fame began in December 2020 with the resignation of Rouffange Mayor Yves Tissot. He left in a huff and it was Aurore Vuillemin-Plançon, first deputy, who inherited the position.
Not really a gift because we are then in the middle of a health crisis. “For the time being, I am acting as interim by force of circumstances,” she explains to Le Progrès. Following the by-election, she was appointed mayor of this small rural commune in the north of Jura (116 inhabitants).
The head of the job
A local elected official in the middle of the countryside, from the middle class (she is a local government official), Aurore Vuillemin-Plançon also has the good taste to combine a long-standing commitment to the RN with a calm style that fits in ideally with the far-right party’s desire to normalise.
She became the RN’s best female hope in Jura in the aftermath of the 2022 legislative elections. Coming third, she narrowly missed the second round and made a splash in the villages. It was therefore quite logical that she was appointed head of the RN in Jura in December 2022 after the strange resignation of Thomas Bouhali.
Her designation as a candidate for the Senate elections further strengthens her position and confirms that the RN has made the Jura countryside a land of conquest.

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However, this is enough to confuse voters who are counting on their MP to take over on the ground.

But in any case, it doesn’t change anything. Whether I get this transfer or not, I will be detached from my position to carry out my mandate. So, if I am elected, I will not leave the Jura. I have no plans to go to the islands as I have heard. If I am transferred, it will be in the Region anyway.

Aurore Vuillemin-Plançon, RN candidate in the 3rd constituency

Annoying for Aurore Vuillemin-Plançon who sees behind these rumors maneuvers of her adversary. “These attacks by Mrs. Gruet on elements of personal life are unworthy.” And to insist: “Say well thatI have no intention of leaving the Jura. »

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