2024 Legislative Elections: Update on Candidate Withdrawals for the Second Round in Isère

2024 Legislative Elections: Update on Candidate Withdrawals for the Second Round in Isère
2024 Legislative Elections: Update on Candidate Withdrawals for the Second Round in Isère

President Emmanuel Macron pleads for “anything but the National Rally”more the majority continues to tear itself apart on the conduct to be adopted in the event of a three-way race. This is the case of several candidate ministers, the day after the first round of the legislative elections, which gave the National Rally the lead. In Isère, Only one candidate from the majority has not yet withdrawnThis is the outgoing MP Élodie Jacquier-Laforge, in the 9th constituency of the department.

Emilie Chalas (majority) in the 3rd constituency

Renaissance candidate Emilie Chalas, from the 3rd constituencyannounced at a press conference on Monday that she was withdrawing her candidacy for the second round of the legislative elections. This Sunday in the first round, she came third with 20% of the votes, behind Christel Dupré the RN candidate (22.74%) and Elisa Martin of the NFP (42.84%). She does not wish to give voting instructions. “(Voters) are not morons […] They will do the right thing next Sunday.”says the former candidate.

Renaissance candidate Emilie Chalas, in the 2nd constituency of Isère, this Monday afternoon. © Radio France
Romain Bitot

Dominique Dichard (NFP) in the 7th constituency

The candidate of the New Popular Front Dominique Dichard (Communist Party), has chosen to withdraw in the 7th constituency. A decision welcomed in a press release by the local federation of the Socialist Party of Isère, in favor of her opponent from the Republicans. Dominique Dichard finished this Sunday with 19.81% of the vote, behind the LR candidate Yannick Nauder (27.56%) and the candidate of the National Rally Benoi August (42.10%).

Caroline Abadie (majority) in the 8th constituency

The outgoing Renaissance MP, Caroline Abadie, elected since 2017 in the 8th constituency, assures that she has taken her responsibilities in the face of the risk of seeing the RN obtain an absolute majority in the National Assembly. “When you are on the edge of the precipice, you realize very closely which danger is the most imminent and the most threatening.”according to the former elected official. The candidate of the LR-RN alliance in this constituency, Hanane Mansouri won 39.92% of the votes in the first round. The environmentalist candidate of the NFP 24.5% and Caroline Abadie, 20.49%. There could therefore have been a three-way race.

Marjolaine Meynier-Millefert (majority) in the 10th constituency

Outgoing Renaissance MP Marjolaine Meynier-Millefert, elected since 2017 in the 10th constituency, gave her decision this Monday late afternoon, during a press conference. Marjolaine-Meynie-Millefert finished third in the first round of the legislative elections with 22.19% of the vote, behind NFP candidate Joëlle Richol (25.43%) and National Rally candidate Thierry Perez (42.83%).

Outgoing Renaissance MP Marjolaine Meynier-Millefert, in the 10th constituency of Isère. © Radio France
Noémie Philippot

Alexandre Lacroix (LR-RN) remains in place in the 1st constituency

This is one of the highly scrutinized constituencies in the department. In the first constituency, Olivier Veran, outgoing Renaissance MP in an unfavorable ballot (33.62%), will be in a three-way position. In the second round, he will face the rebellious Hugo Prévost, invested by the New Popular Front and coming out on top (40.19%) and the LR-RN Alexandre Lacroix (18.34%). The latter has chosen to remain.





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