a second person died

a second person died
a second person died

Two people were killed and two people are in emergency care at Metz hospital on Monday, July 1. The events occurred during the night from Saturday to Sunday, during a shooting at a wedding in Thionville (Moselle). Investigators are focusing on a settling of scores against a backdrop of drug trafficking.

A shooting took place on the night of Saturday 29 to Sunday 30 June 2024, around 1 a.m. in Thionville (Moselle). “Three hooded men, dressed in black, heavily armed, appeared in front of the entrance to the hall and shot at people who were outside,” specifies in a press release the specialized interregional jurisdiction (Jirs) of Nancy.

Four people were shot. One person died Saturday evening. At the beginning of the afternoon, Monday July 1, 2024, we learned that“One of the victims of the shootings that occurred in Thionville on the night of Saturday to Sunday, hospitalized yesterday in a state of absolute emergency, died today. This brings the number of deaths following the shootings to two.”, specifies Jirs. “The other two are in a state of absolute emergency. confirms Jirs to France 3 Lorraine.

On site, during the sampling, the police experts noted that “several dozen rounds of ammunition were fired.”

The investigation has been entrusted to the Directorate of Organized and Specialized Crime (DCOS) of the Interdepartmental Directorate of the Moselle National Police.

We are heading towards a settling of scores against a backdrop of drug trafficking.

It continues under the classification of murder by an organized gang and attempted murder by an organized gang. “It was not marriage that was targeted, even if at the beginning, we were moving in that direction,” explains a police source to France 3 Lorraine. Investigators are moving towards a settling of scores against a backdrop of drug trafficking.

Monday, July 1, 2024, early in the afternoon, investigators from the judicial police are still on site, at Eden near Thionville. According to our information, for the moment there is no police custody. The victims were from Woippy and Borny, near Metz. The perpetrators of the shooting are still on the run.

Pierre Cuny, the mayor of the city of Thionville, who could not be reached today, stated on his Facebook account that “all the participants came from the Metz metropolitan area, and there were “no Thionvillois””.

Northern Lorraine has become a strategic point for drug trafficking. We are next to Luxembourg and Belgium. In May 2023, in Villerupt, in Meurthe-et-Moselle, shootings between rival gangs at a drug dealing point next to the town hall left five people injured.



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