Drôme – Macronist candidates who came 3rd withdraw to “block” the RN

Drôme – Macronist candidates who came 3rd withdraw to “block” the RN
Drôme – Macronist candidates who came 3rd withdraw to “block” the RN

There will be a duel and not a three-way race in the third constituency of Drômethat of the hinterland, the most populated and vast of the department. Lander Marchionni, in a press release, announced this Monday morning that he was withdrawing his candidacy, “to block the National Rally”. He was able to maintain himself, but he affirms that the results of the first round “leave no doubt about those of the second”. During the vote, he actually came in far behind Marie Pochon, an environmentalist from the New Popular Front, and Adhémar Autrand, from the LR/RN alliance, whom he let face off in the second round. “This withdrawal obliges those who will benefit from it to consider […] the need to build [..] a republican coalition”adds the young Macronist candidate.

The results for the third constituency of Drôme in the 1st round

  1. Marie Pochon (EELV – New popular front) – 37.96%
  2. Adhémar Autrand (LR/RN) – 32.26%
  3. Lander Marchionni (Ensemble) – 19.09%
  4. Patricia Picard (right, locally supported by LR) – 8.50%
  5. Charly Champmartin (Lutte Ouvrière) – 1,13%
  6. Frédérique Simoncini (Reconquest) – 1.06%

Same thing in the Montélimar constituency

In the 2nd constituency of Drôme, the gap is even greater after the first round and Nicolas Michel, who also came third, also decides to withdraw his candidacy. “I do not want to be responsible for the National Rally’s accession to power and our constituency”declared the candidate this morning live on France Bleu Drôme Ardèche. “I will not give any voting instructions, I thank the voters. I will continue to fight the extremists, whose candidates in this constituency (Lisette Pollet, RN and Karim Chkeri, LFI) were absent and refused any public debate”adds the candidate.

The results for the second constituency of Drôme in the 1st round

  1. Lisette Pollet – RN – 42.84%
  2. Karim Chkeri – Union Gauche – 22,81%
  3. Nicolas Michel – Together – 18.94%
  4. Damien Lagier – LR – 10.41%
  5. Karim Oumeddour – no label – 2.80%
  6. Jean-Marc Gaillard – Reconquest – 1.11%
  7. Guy Rat – Workers’ Struggle – 1.10%


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