Drôme — Legislative — Outgoing MP, Emmanuelle Anthoine, finished third in the 4th constituency

The outgoing MP, Emmanuelle Anthoine (23.98%) finished third in the 4th constituency and called on Isabelle Pagani (26.27%), who came second in the first round, to withdraw. It was Thibaut Monnier (38.38%), the RN candidate who came out on top.

Big surprise in the fourth district. The outgoing MP, Emmanuelle Anthoine (Les Républicains) only finished third with 23.98% of the votes (16.52% of those registered). Poorly hiding her disappointment, she lamented: “These are second European elections, people voted for a party and not for a person’s work. On the ground I met people who were unhappy, angry with Macron.” On the RN candidate, she regrets “whether it’s a complete stranger who has had no need to campaign and who has said nothing about the territory since he has only lived here for a few months.” She is launching an appeal to Isabelle Pagani (PS, Popular Front) : “The Popular Front has reached its maximum reserve of votes and even if it came in second place, I appeal to its responsibility; I ask it to withdraw because I am the only one who can beat the National Rally in the second round. Among the Popular Front, there are social democrats who will be able to vote for us“.

It was the RN candidate, Thibaut Monnier, who dominated the first round. According to the final results, he came in first with 38.38% of the vote (with 29.38% of registered voters). Isabelle Pagani, the candidate of the New Popular Front, obtained a score of 26.27% of the vote (18.09% of registered voters). We will therefore have to count on three candidates in the second round, Sunday, July 7.

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Olivier Gafa finishes fourth

Olivier Gafa, presidential majority candidate, came in fourth position (8.31% of the vote) in the northernmost constituency of Drôme. He didn’t qualify for the second round, but that in itself isn’t really a surprise. “We expected thishe says. This is a difficult constituency for us to take with a very established right-wing personality and an RN whose growth we have seen. While campaigning we noticed that people mainly rejected Emmanuel Macron and not so much his program. It is thanks to Macron that we have a solid Romans-Saint-Vallier hospital, it is thanks to him that Rovaltain continues to industrialize. The Rn vote is mainly protesting. For the second round, we are not giving voting instructions, voters know how to take their responsibilities on their own. This is precisely what people don’t like: being told what they have to do. We’ll see what happens in the second round.“.

The PS in the lead in 2022

In 2022, the RN with Véronique Stin came in third position with 20.12% of the votes. In the space of two years, Marine Lepen’s party has more than doubled its number of votes in the first round.

Voting rules

To advance to the second round of the legislative elections, a candidate must obtain a result of at least 12.5% ​​of registered voters. If none of the candidates achieves this score, the first two are qualified (votes cast). If only one candidate obtains this figure, the second in votes cast is qualified with him. Last case: for a second round not to take place the following week, a candidate must obtain at least 50% of the votes cast and a number of votes at least equal to 25% of registered voters.

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