failed mission, Griezmann replacing, attack at half mast… the words of Deschamps after the disappointing draw for the Blues

failed mission, Griezmann replacing, attack at half mast… the words of Deschamps after the disappointing draw for the Blues
failed mission, Griezmann replacing, attack at half mast… the words of Deschamps after the disappointing draw for the Blues

The Blues coach gave a mobilizing speech after the disappointment against Poland (1-1), synonymous with second place.

Special correspondent in Dortmund

Disappointment after failed mission to finish first
” I am not disappointed. No way. Except for the fact that yes, through this match we had to get first place. We did what we had to do. We came across a great goalkeeper. We managed to lead, we conceded this penalty, but we were in a very dense group and for those who were laughing at Austria, they are first. Our first objective has been achieved. We will play on July 1st (opponent to be determined). A new competition will begin. If we score more goals, we have a better chance of winning. »

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The significant waste of the Blues
“The word waste, you interpret it however you want. Today (Tuesday), and against the Netherlands it was the same, to compete and be effective, you had to play on the ground and quickly. That’s why I chose to put fast players on the sides. Of the seven shots on target, there were some very good saves from the goalkeeper, this is the phase to improve, but it’s football too. I would be a lot more worried if we didn’t have chances. But there is always room for improvement. »

The choice to put Griezmann as replacement
“It’s a choice compared to the option I took from the start. Don’t go interpreting. I have 8 or 9 players who played the full three matches. I don’t adapt to the opponent, but I made the team that is the most dangerous for Poland. With Ousmane (Dembélé), Bradley (Barcola) and Kylian (Mbappé), I wanted to oppose speed to big guys. Antoine plays every match, you have a bone to gnaw, maybe it’s him. Do what you want, think what you want. It’s a choice. Like Marcus (Thuram), who also blew. The 8th graders, we have time. He had two matches, I took the option to blow him away. He experienced it as a professional and with a smile, there was no problem. There are others who are not happy, those who did not play. »

Barcola’s tenure
“Considering that this is his first start, in a high-stakes match, he did some very interesting things. He is a young player and if he is here, it is thanks to his qualities.”

The level of the Blues
“I’m not going to list the different passages we had. The group is there, we have the state of mind, the solidity, we create opportunities. Other teams have identified other potential… It’s normal to be there, but we must not trivialize it. The proof: Austria, which we beat, dominates the Netherlands this evening (Tuesday, 2-3). Afterwards, we want to move on to the round of 16. I know very well that the impressions of the first round are not always the same afterwards. Painting or no painting, there are 2 of use. Now, these will be tough matches, there are only big teams left. »

How to progress to 8e final
“Improve, in five days, when we have just had 20 (the Blues have been together since May 29)… We have to push it a little more, be efficient. We do what we need to do. I’m not going to press where it hurts, but we’ve always had an interesting goal average in major tournaments. There, it’s more complicated (2 goals in 3 matches). I remain positive. A new competition will start on 1is July. »

If he is disappointed by the contribution of the bench
“We can do better. It’s never easy to get back. When we have to seek a result, we have not always had the desired effect. I understand the difficulty too, and it could have been better. »

Lewandowski’s penalty
“From where I am, I don’t see much, then I look at the screen. The goalkeeper must have at least one foot on the line… Afterwards, on the run-up, he pauses, others pull him like that. I don’t make the rules, we’re here to apply them. It’s like that. »

Mbappé’s match
“With everything he went through (broken nose against Austria last Monday), between the shock and the first three days, I found his legs to be pretty good. Although when he sweats, it gets into his eyes and you have to wipe them. He had the desire and this match will serve him well

Family break in Germany
“It’s always an important moment. I want all the players and staff to enjoy this moment. We are qualified and we will switch to 8e after this moment. »



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