Drug trafficking in Canteleu: release requested by the lawyers of Mélanie Boulanger and Hasbi Colak

Drug trafficking in Canteleu: release requested by the lawyers of Mélanie Boulanger and Hasbi Colak
Drug trafficking in Canteleu: release requested by the lawyers of Mélanie Boulanger and Hasbi Colak


Yann Rivallan

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June 25, 2024 at 8:43 p.m.

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The drug trafficking trial in Canteleu (Seine-Maritime) is coming to an end. Tuesday June 25, 2024 at the Bobigny judicial court, defense lawyers took the stand to defend their clients.

Highlight of the day, the pleadings of the lawyers of former mayor Mélanie Boulanger and her deputy Hasbi Colak. They are both being prosecuted for complicity in drug trafficking. Faced with requisitions from the public prosecutor the day before, their lawyers pleaded for acquittal.

A severe lack of police

For Mélanie Boulanger, it was her two counsels who pleaded in turn. Loïc Le Lay and Arnaud de Saint-Rémy endeavored to demonstrate his involvement in fight against trafficking of narcotics in Canteleu: “When she has information, she communicates it to the police,” explained Me Le Lay.

And listening to Arnaud de Saint-Rémy, Mélanie Boulanger is the one who the most worked for security in Canteleu: “It increased the armament of the municipal police, which it increased from 4 to 7 agents. […] She was the first to install video surveillance cameras. There are 65 in Canteleu. »

And then, Mr. de Saint-Rémy also pointed out the absurdity of an alleged a pact of non-agression that she allegedly spent with the traffickers. It is based on nothing according to the defense: “It is fanciful, inaccurate, mysterious. » Moreover, the former mayor’s two lawyers pointed out the severe lack of national police reinforcements in the town, despite repeated requests from the councilor over the years.

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When the residents of Canteleu call the 17th and no one comes, it’s chilling!

Master of Saint-Rémy
Lawyer for Mélanie Boulanger

Likewise, according to Me Le Lay, Canteleu would not be as priority as Rouen in terms of the fight against delinquency and drug trafficking for constantly overwhelmed police services.

“This trial is a bit like yours”

It is also on this point that Me Kalfon, Hasbi Colak’s lawyer, focused: “This trial is a bit like yours,” he exclaimed at the opening of his pleading. For what ? Because the state has failed in its mission to contain drug trafficking. »

It’s good to do net trading. But when the police trucks leave, who is left? Municipal police and elected officials. And they are alone, within range of slaps.

Master Kalfon
Avocat d’Hasbi Colak

The lawyer also returned to the career of Hasbi Colak: a restaurateur recruited to be “the district deputy because he knew how to speak both languages ​​(that of the street and that of elected officials, Editor’s note)”. But a position which made this kebab manager “hyper accessible, but also hyper vulnerable”, in the face of threats and violence.

Requisitions which are based “on impressions”

In the end, the lawyers of the two defendants found a similar argument: the investigation of this case was poorly done. And, what is more, the requisitions of the public prosecutor on Monday June 24, 2024 would only be based “on on impressions, feelings »without the materiality of the alleged facts ever really being demonstrated.

Thus, the three lawyers requested a total acquittal for their clients. Arnaud de Saint-Rémy addressed the judges as follows, after reading letters from relatives of the former mayor of Canteleu: “I ask you to stop the massacre. May his [Mélanie Boulanger] honor to him. Let justice be done to him. Relax her. »

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