the college of La Mothe-Saint-Héray refuses to lose two classes at the start of the school year

the college of La Mothe-Saint-Héray refuses to lose two classes at the start of the school year
the college of La Mothe-Saint-Héray refuses to lose two classes at the start of the school year

Updated at 5:50 p.m.: the Rectorate of the Academy of Poitiers announces the maintenance of the class of 6e in September.

The school year ends in anger, at the Collège de l’Orangerie, in La Mothe-Saint-Héray, in fear of losing, at the start of the school year in September 2024, two of the twelve classes of this establishment with 250 students.

The information arrived on Monday June 24, 2024 and the reaction of the teachers was quick: they walked off the job for two hours on Tuesday morning, gathering the students in the courtyard, forming the letters SOS.

“They would close a class of 6e and one of 3 « », explains a teacher. The closure of the 3 classe can be understood in view of the numbers announced, but nothing explains it for the 6eshe believes: “Normally, we have 57 registered in 6e, which would allow you to have all three classes. »

Two classes instead of three, “this means very busy numbers with classrooms that are not necessarily appropriate, because we have support workers for students with disabilities (AESH) in addition to the students.”

“Do we want to defend rurality or not? »

Another consequence: “In the teaching team, more than half of the colleagues will be assigned to two establishments, therefore with less time to help studentsunderlines the professor. We are a rural college, but we also have students in great difficulty. We are putting lots of things in place to help them, but it will be complicated to follow up. We really hope to keep this class of 6e. »

The mayor of Mothe-Saint-Héray, Philippe Blanchet, supports the teachers. He added to the agenda of the municipal council of June 25 a motion “who strongly opposes” class closures.

Demonstration Thursday

“Do we want to defend rurality or not? summarizes the mayor. The department has made great efforts: it is a modern college, with everything you need in the classes, motivated students, projects like the cinema class and the handball option. I also find it deplorable that exemptions are refused to students from Lezay or Celles-sur-Belle who want to come to La Mothe for handball. We are pushed to set up activities but when things go wrong, we are cut off! »

The anger is all the stronger because the bad news was not anticipated: “At the last college board meeting, we validated hourly allocations based on the twelve classes, this year’s plan. I hope we will have people at the demonstration on Thursday at 4 p.m., with the mayors of the sector. »

His colleague from Pamproux, Marie Naudin, will participate in the demonstration. The Pamproux and La Mothe-Saint-Héray colleges merged in 2019, “and we are very sensitive to good reception and learning conditions for students, it is absolutely necessary. At the last board meeting, the number of students was around 60 in sixth grade. Two classes of 30 students for this level seems very complicated to me, when you know the learning difficulties. »



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