The Le Campus brewery in Limoges changes owners

The Le Campus brewery in Limoges changes owners
The Le Campus brewery in Limoges changes owners

On Thursday, Sylvie Raynaud and Patrick Goursaud, who have run the Campus for 24 years, will hand over to Justine Ngo and Sébastien Vincent.

Located at 115-117 rue d’Isle, the Le Campus brasserie, which also has a tobacconist, cigar cellar and Française des Jeux, is an institution. It could be included in the inventory of historical monuments for students and residents of the neighborhood as its history is so rich.

Sylvie Raynaud and Patrick Goursaud became owners 25 years ago. But others preceded them. Eager to set off on new adventures, they decided to put this business up for sale. Justine Ngo and Sébastien Vincent jumped at the opportunity to take over the reins of this establishment.

Justine Ngo rose in the restaurant business. His father, Khanh, owns the King-Long restaurant in the South Zone. She decided, with her partner Sébastien, an electrician by training, to embark on this professional path.

Keep the spirit of this establishment

The couple does not intend to cause a revolution: “You don’t change a car that’s running,” he sums up. We keep the dishes on the menu, we also preserve the spirit of conviviality which has made the Campus a pleasant place where everyone likes to meet. Students, workers, retirees have set up their headquarters there…”

On the kitchen side, Justine Ngo and Sébastien Vincent have made it their mission to “make the taste buds sing”. Limousin meat and sauce dishes should reassure regulars and convince those who did not know the address.

Elsewhere in town…

L’Impact. The isakaya is to Japan what the pub is to England. Anthony Guitard and Fabien Delord are fascinated by the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun. Their cocktail bar, located 20 rue Gondinet, is inspired by these establishments. The tapas or specialties are Franco-Japanese. “We offer sharing cuisine. We work with local producers and we favor short circuits. The bread, seafood and meats come from the markets,” explains Fabien Delord. Both partners have extensive experience in catering. And then the setting is magnificent.

Comparison. Inaugurated in April, this store in the Saint-Martial center presents a diverse collection of clothing for men and women. Led by Shabneez Ammeer, this national brand also sells accessories, luggage, underwear, etc. “We offer affordable, quality fashion and we collaborate with major brands like Rodier, Cardin, Lulu Castagnette…” emphasizes Shabneez.

Flame. Opening, at 13 rue du Maupas, of the Leflona restaurant. Guinean, Florence, already owner of the grocery store located right next door, offers traditional African, but also Caribbean and French, dishes in her restaurant. Its menu smells of exoticism. Braised fish, chicken wings, skewers, mafé (typical Senegalese dish which combines generally white meat with a spicy preparation made with peanuts), okra or matembélé, fresh sweet potato leaves cooked by him, are essential on his map. Open for lunch and dinner, Monday to Sunday, 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. to 11 p.m., and 1:30 a.m. on weekends. Such. : 58.

Animal. This pet store opens its doors this Wednesday, June 26, Wednesday at the Family Village. This store is the 127th to defend this brand dedicated to articles for animals. This brand was created in 1998. Directed by Magalie, the Limoges store offers kibble, litter, cages and hutches, terrariums, aquariums, niches, aviaries, etc. There are also a few live animals. In addition to rodents, lagormorphs, in other words rabbits, the 600 m² store has an imposing space dedicated to aquarium enthusiasts. The advisors, six in total, are all qualified. They were trained in an animal school for domestic and non-domestic species, such as snakes.


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Jean-François Julien

Photos and video: Stéphane Lefèvre



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