ST-PIERRE DE VARENNES: €50 vouchers for 15 future 6th grade students

This Tuesday afternoon, Gérard Durand, mayor of the town, had the pleasure of welcoming the 15 students from the village, who will enter 6th grade at the Louis Pergaud college in Couches in September. During this small ceremony, the mayor recalled that the aim here was to symbolically support the young people of the locality through the delivery of a voucher in the amount of €50, to be spent at the bookstore. “The Notebooks of Philéas”, rue Leclerc in Le Creusot. “You are now heading towards secondary school, I have no doubt that you will all together demonstrate that you are leaving the Jacques de Masin school group, that you are leaving us with a very good level of study…” launched Gérard Durand. And to continue: “Know that there is a place for everyone, you just have to fight to conquer it and be hardworking…” warned the mayor of Saint-Pierre-de-Varennes, before reminding the children that studies are very important, that one could succeed in one’s professional career with great diplomas but also with apprenticeship paths in particular. “Those who will have more difficulty passing higher level exams will find other paths that are just as rewarding, apprentices and self-taught people also have success…”.

On Tuesday, Gérard Durand was surrounded on this occasion by Maria Drabowicz, deputy in charge of CCAS. The school director Nathalie Ramalho was also present. All this joyful assembly then gathered around a friendly drink.




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