Michael Cesca: “Transmitting is what drives me” | Football Club de Metz – FC Metz information – FC Metz training

Michael Cesca: “Transmitting is what drives me” | Football Club de Metz – FC Metz information – FC Metz training
Michael Cesca: “Transmitting is what drives me” | Football Club de Metz – FC Metz information – FC Metz training

How did you arrive at FC Metz, and what role do you play there?

I started as a football school instructor at the Florange club. Our identity, our actions carried out, the idea of ​​developing ourselves has allowed us to make ourselves known. FC Metz, under the leadership of Denis Schaeffer, observed me as an educator and offered me the opportunity to join a football school team. It is with great pleasure that I accepted this offer. 17 years have passed and I am still present within the Club. My journey began in the football school categories (U10 to U13) then during a year in pre-training (U14) as an educator. I then spent a few years as head of the football school with some projects in recruitment at the same time. To date, I am responsible for the football school, coordinating recruitment among young players in the football school in conjunction with the club’s educators, under the responsibility of Francis De Taddeo. Added to this are the relationships across the clubs of FC Metz Moselle, as a referent for four clubs (APM, Magny, Amnéville and Thionville). This function gives me the opportunity to share my experience with educators and players by leading sessions rich in discussion.

What does your daily life look like?

Outside of my professional activity, my daily life is shared between the fields of the Plaine Saint Symphorien Technical Center where the football school sessions are taught with the staff, and the animation of organization and development meetings. from the football school. Football education targets the individual. Our focus is on the player to allow him to develop and grow in his activity. On the recruitment side, observation phases during the week and weekend, invitations, gatherings and other activities allow each player to wear the garnet jersey. The FC Metz house gives me the chance to share my experience and my know-how with players and educators from football schools in the region in order to transmit both this passion but also to carry the strong message that the development of young people sports requires human synergy.

Since 2006, you must have seen players enter the professional world. Can you tell us some of them?

Matthieu Udol, Gauthier Hein, Maxwell Cornet, Kylian Sildillia and many others… boys who have gone through football school. Mathieu Udol is a beautiful model of success, pride and identity. He knew how to take the steps one after the other without burning them. He is a player from Metz who truly embodies the values ​​of the club, he knows his region and carries that into the first team. He is naturally our captain. It’s a privilege to watch him play on weekends and I hope that other players will take this same path while carrying such strong values. Observing the sporting success of other players who have passed through FC Metz is necessarily a source of great pride because we have all, each at our level, worked for their success, at least I hope so. I also don’t forget all the players who went through the football school and training cycles but who didn’t have the chance to join the professional world and who we meet at the edge of the pitch coming to greet us , that’s also football.

What do you like most about your missions here?

I will highlight a few of them: The first is transmission, that is to say more precisely this capacity for attention that we pay to others and which allows them to bring out the best in themselves . Transmitting is what drives me with the players and educators on a daily basis in this sport. I take great pleasure in this field. The second is the moments of sharing with passionate and exciting educators, offering their time to help young athletes grow. Finally, these are the projects. In my opinion, life is made up of projects with their successes and failures, whatever they may be. Implement ideas, test, try, innovate for the sole purpose: To help the individual grow, whether child or adult. Passionate about this sport and the emotions it provides, my daily pleasure is reflected in the idea of ​​transmitting, in the richness of the exchanges and the diversity of the encounters available to me. Metz remains a dynamic city for which I have a particular attachment and which fully reflects the soul of the club.

Concretely, what are the actions carried out with the clubs in the Moselle territories?

This work began more than 18 months ago with various and varied actions. I come to meet clubs to understand their needs, their expectations and how the relationship between the entities (professional and amateur) could co-exist while providing relational excellence to capitalize on joint work so that support and development of players and educators is sustained over time. Let’s develop the know-how, let’s build together the model of tomorrow allowing our young male and female territorial footballers and clubs to exist in this eco system where living together will take over.

Can you give us specific examples of projects implemented in this context?

As part of the FC Metz Moselle partnership, we have held some events such as a gathering of U9 teams under the Frescaty dome and our traditional U12 tournament with partner clubs and other Moselle clubs. Like every year, we also participated in the U13 tournament in Luxembourg. Without forgetting the joint sessions shared with players and educators. Then, I realized that it was important to meet the clubs, the people to understand their expectations, their needs, to have attention. So I started meeting with the presidents and technical leads, then attending a few technical meetings. Above all, I wanted to be as close as possible to the players and educators to lead or observe sessions, and integrate feedback. We also invite clubs to share a session at the Plaine des Jeux Technical Center with our football school educators. True to our commitment, over the past two years we have increased our participation in regional tournaments even though demand is very high and we cannot satisfy everyone.

Do you have any figures to send us to show the extent of the field of action?

25, as the number of clubs visited in the space of 18 months. 2000, as the number of kilometers traveled only for these visiting actions of the 25 clubs. Around 150 hours of discussions with club presidents and educators. I consider that FC Metz draws its strength from a tripartite organizational model bringing together structures of different sizes, the professional club and departmental authorities. As Henry Ford said so well: “Coming together is a start, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”



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