Grenoble defends the rights of bicycle delivery workers

Grenoble defends the rights of bicycle delivery workers
Grenoble defends the rights of bicycle delivery workers

At the municipal council meeting of June 24, the municipality voted to provide premises for the association of bicycle delivery workers (ADALI) in order to offer a space for rest, meetings and access to rights for delivery men. Objective: improve working conditions and solidarity with precarious workers.

The situation of bicycle delivery workers in France

Since the establishment of delivery platforms in France (supported by Emmanuel Macron), the Uberization of delivery structures has produced a certain number of independent workers living in unworthy working conditions. No contributions, no social security coverage, nor any equipment, bicycle delivery workers are only paid per trip and sometimes even put themselves in danger to meet profitability requirements. This platformization of delivery service activities leads to an unprecedented precariousness of the working conditions of delivery workers, not benefiting from any of the protections resulting from salaried employment and only from the constraints linked to the activity of independent worker in the same time. Added to this, for some delivery workers, are the additional difficulties linked to obtaining French nationality. As this is a precarious professional activity, foreign workers are on the front line. Last December, in the wake of the forceful passage of the immigration law, bicycle delivery workers were targeted by the police and arrested with an obligation to leave French territory (OQTF).

Grenoble’s municipal commitment to supporting platform workers

The municipality cannot bring itself to accept the precarious situation in which the Uberization of the delivery activity and the platforms that carry it out place workers. From November 2021 and until today, a room at the Maison des Habitants-es Centre-Ville is made available by the City every Tuesday afternoon to accommodate bicycle delivery workers. This room allowed the collective to organize meetings with other collectives and associations to defend their rights, to organize French courses for delivery workers and to form an association. Grenoble also organized two training sessions on road safety led by the municipal police. In total, more than 100 delivery drivers took part, in order to learn the right actions to secure their travels. Grenoble has been in contact with the Association for the Rights and Support of Independent Delivery Workers (ADALI) since its creation, with the aim of facilitating exchanges with workers and above all improving their working conditions. eras.

Improving the working conditions of delivery workers

Grenoble takes a new step for the comfort of precarious platform workers. At the municipal council meeting on June 24, the City voted to provide premises so that delivery workers can benefit from a dedicated space, a refuge where they can meet, rest, chat, recharge their phones and stop between races. The premises, made available free of charge, will be located in the heart of the city center, in order to become a real relay stop for delivery people.

Access to rights for all workers

Beyond offering a place to take a break to promote the comfort of precarious workers, the premises will also be a place to facilitate access to the rights of delivery workers. Indeed, ADALI’s prerogatives are divided into three parts:

  • a solidarity component: support for the most precarious delivery workers (financial assistance in the event of death, marriage, accidents, administrative assistance, etc.).
  • a conviviality component: organization of festive and/or sporting events (football matches, tournaments, celebrations, etc.), management of the premises.
  • a legal component: collective action to request regularization of undocumented delivery workers with the support of Cimade, fight to improve the rights of delivery workers with the CGT delivery section.

This last legal aspect is a major support for the defense of the rights of precarious workers. This fight for access to rights is fully part of the municipal action carried out since 2014.



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