Crif in action – Crif Grenoble-Dauphiné meets and dialogues with the candidates of the Republican bloc | Crif

Crif in action – Crif Grenoble-Dauphiné meets and dialogues with the candidates of the Republican bloc | Crif
Crif in action – Crif Grenoble-Dauphiné meets and dialogues with the candidates of the Republican bloc | Crif

Fifteen candidates constituting a Republican bloc ranging from Regional President of the Socialist Party (PS) Stéphane Gemmani to Regional Vice-President of Les Républicains (LR) Nathalie Beranger totaling seven of the ten constituencies. All the candidates from the two Grenoble constituencies were present. Outgoing deputies were also present: Olivier Véran, Caroline Abadie and Marjolaine Meynier-Millefert.

The President of Crif Grenoble-Dauphiné, Hervé Gerbi, made a very brief introduction during which he recalled the anti-Semitic rape of this 12-year-old child and showed a photo of the latest tags calling “death to the Jews” detected the day before in the town of Fontaine on an entire display and which were removed by the Mayor immediately after the report.

A round table where each and every candidate had the floor to answer questions from the steering committee on the international and national issues of the campaign, and the balance of power for each constituency. The conclusion, open to the press, was given by the President of Crif Grenoble-Dauphiné who made these remarks:

“This meeting is the gathering of the Republican bloc promoted by Yonathan ARFI, National President of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions of France (Crif) and desired by all the institutions representative of the Jewish community which speak through us of a single voice.

Today, we are faced with two blocs which advocate separatism and exploit the Jewish community on both sides. There is no other choice than to mobilize for the Republican bloc that you represent.
This Republican bloc is a pack, a team like in rugby. Around this table you are not included by your parties, but you are included for your values, which are also ours.

The French of Jewish faith are caught between two extreme blocs: on the one hand the new popular front made up of an alliance with La France Insoumise (LFI) which is responsible for the liberation of anti-Semitic speech. They want to put an end to the republican commitment contract of associations while this contract promotes freedom, respect for the Republic, the fight against discrimination, equality between women and men and secularism. What makes our common base.

On the other, the National Rally (RN) which wants to call into question the land law which allowed French Jews their emancipation in 1791. It wants to integrate national preference into the constitution to ultimately reserve certain public jobs for nationals. including excluding dual nationals. Some French Jews also have Israeli nationality and are concerned.

Even in difficulty, you must leave this meeting re-energized. We are citizens in combat, you are in combat and you have all the confidence of our institutions. Your values ​​are the right ones. Purchasing power, ecology, today that interests no one, that is not what is at stake. What is at stake is our national cohesion, and that is what you are the guarantors.

So it’s up to you, we’re putting all our strength into this last week and it’s up to me to convince internally as well as here, with the association representatives, not to give in to the siren song. »

Finally, it is recalled that contact has not been broken with those who have chosen an alliance, of circumstance, which seems dangerous to us and from July 8, the Crif Grenoble-Dauphiné will have to continue the dialogue with certain components of the New Popular Front (NFP) because our society, damaged by this campaign, will absolutely need it.

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