Legislative: proposals on the purchasing power of candidates in the Chartres constituency

Legislative: proposals on the purchasing power of candidates in the Chartres constituency
Legislative: proposals on the purchasing power of candidates in the Chartres constituency

A few days before the first round of the early legislative elections, this Sunday June 30, 2024, Republican Echo asked the candidates of the first constituency (Chartres) to find out their proposals on purchasing power.

The six candidates launched into the legislative battle, in the first constituency of Eure-et-Loir (Chartres – Nogent-le-Roi), present their main proposals on the question of purchasing power.

Marie-José Aubert (Workers’ struggle)

Faced with the “soaring prices”, the LO candidate demands “an increase in salaries, indexed to prices, to increase purchasing power”. Marie-José Aubert wants salaries, pensions and allowances to be revised upwards and increase at the same rate.

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Jean-François Bridet (Les Écologues-EELV) for the New Popular Front (union of the left).

For the candidate, we must “increase the minimum wage to €1,600. We want a truly free school, but also a price freeze on basic necessities such as food, energy and fuel.” Following the NFP program, the candidate wishes to “reestablish the solidarity tax on wealth and repeal the unjust reforms of Macron’s five-year term”, namely, in particular, “the pension and unemployment insurance reforms”. He also proposes “to promote local production through more short circuits, while ensuring financial support for farmers to compensate for operating losses, by systematizing payments for environmental services”. He also proposes “ensuring a floor price for farmers by taxing the super profits of agro-industrialists”.

Pierre-Louis Delauney, (Reconquest!)

The candidate from Eric Zemmour’s party details: “I will act to lower taxes and charges by increasing wages for low-income workers in the public, private and self-employed sectors, by increasing the value of up to €600 per person. year small pensions of less than €1,300 per month. » Pierre-Louis Delauney adds: “I want to allow business leaders to reward their employees by introducing a “zero charge” bonus, and allow the immediate release of the participation bonus, without any income tax. and without any conditions for the employee. It is also about promoting the purchasing power of apprentices by maintaining the exemption from employer and employee contributions up to the minimum wage for two years. »

Guillaume Kasbarian (Renaissance), for the presidential majority (Together).

“Work must pay and be rewarded,” underlines the candidate, already elected in 2017 and 2022 in the constituency. He specifies: “We want to boost and increase the ceilings of the purchasing power bonus, known as the “Macron bonus”, which is tax exempt, but also allow easier payment. » Guillaume Kasbarian puts forward another proposal: “There is a strong and firm commitment not to increase taxes and levies on the French in the next finance bill (PLF). » The candidate also mentions the reduction in electricity bills by 15%, starting this winter.

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Emma Minot (National Rally)

The candidate puts forward a first measure: “We want to implement a reduction in VAT on electricity, fuel oil, gas and fuels. » The exit from European rules for setting electricity prices is also mentioned, as is “the cancellation of the recent reform of unemployment insurance. »

Ladislas Vergne (The Republicans)

The Chartres opposition municipal councilor wants to “re-industrialize the country with more factories, while protecting and developing French know-how. Our current economic policy is not good enough. We must improve our sovereignty and our competitiveness.” On purchasing power, the candidate says he wants to “fight to revalue pensions by fixing them on the level of inflation”. He adds: “Work must be more paid than inactivity by staying at home.” Ladislas Vergne also declares that we need “an energy shield and protection on gas and electricity prices”.



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