A turnaround that bodes well for Quebec

A turnaround that bodes well for Quebec
A turnaround that bodes well for Quebec
Published on June 24, 2024 at 10:26 p.m.

Update June 24, 2024 at 11:00 p.m.

The last few days have left significant amounts of rain in many regions of Quebec. All this water will have contributed to considerably reducing this threatening factor. Details.

In short :

  • Several heavily watered regions;

  • A significant band of rain;

  • A risk that could be decreasing.

More than 100 mm in places

During the second part of the weekend, an imposing system visited the province and its consequences were significant. In total, nearly 60 mm fell in places in the Capitale-Nationale region and up to 70 mm for Greater Montreal. The biggest accumulations occurred near the town of Chertsey in Lanaudière, which received more than 125 mm since Saturday evening.

The system, which gradually receded during the day on Monday, will give way to sunshine on Tuesday for the entire province.

Good news

The gloominess of the weekend will at least have borne fruit: the level of fire risk has dropped considerably in Quebec, with the exception of the regions further north and the Gaspésie. Elsewhere in the province, the fire risk has fallen to its lowest level in southern and central Quebec, as well as in Estrie and Outaouais.

In the periphery, the level has become moderate again. This rain will not have been in vain.

Good to know: temperatures were exceptionally hot in Quebec last week. From June 17 to 20, maximum temperatures exceeded 30°C in Montreal. In La Tuque, the mercury reached 36.1°C on June 19. This hot weather has contributed to increasing the risk of fire in Quebec.

Yes, northern areas still face extreme fire risk, but things could improve over the coming days. A significant band of precipitation will dump appreciable amounts of rain in its path in the northern zone.


In total, Jamésie could receive up to 50 mm of rain during the days of Tuesday and Wednesday. In the far north, accumulations could reach up to 60 mm in places. Temperatures will also be much lower than those recorded last week.




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