Savor the best kebabs in Paris with Zack and Gurky

Savor the best kebabs in Paris with Zack and Gurky
Savor the best kebabs in Paris with Zack and Gurky

If you are a food lover and are looking for the best places to taste tasty kebabs in Paris, you are in the right place! Through this article, Zack and Gurky, well-known YouTubers, will take you on a culinary journey to the Parisian capital to try the most delicious kebabs in the city. From classic to fancy, they promise you a varied selection where you will discover all types of kebabs. It’s going to be tough, get ready!

Surpriz Kebab

With Zack, his ultimate Parisian guide, Gurky finds himself in the streets of Paris to discover the city’s kebabs. They start their culinary journey with Surpriz Kebab which offers a traditional German Berliner kebab which includes quite a bit of vegetation. According to Zack, the kebabs come from the Turkish community and like in Berlin, there is a huge Turkish community, so they prepare the kebabs that way.

« It looks like a salad a little on top “, Gurky expresses his first impression of the meal before Zack speaks and explains that in ” underneath, you have a mixture of grilled vegetables, you have a whole carpet of kebab meat at the bottom and you have a mixture of sauces: spicy, white and a third which is a bit of a mix of everything, in addition to homemade fries ». « It really is one of the best addresses in Paris », he adds.

Gurky, who has already eaten kebabs several times in France, affirms that he had never had a Berliner kebab, which made it a discovery for him. As she takes the first bite, her facial expressions say it all. “ I knew the reaction was going to be like this », says Zack.

After enjoying the first bite, Gurky, impressed, gives details of what he has just eaten. “ The bread is warm, it’s soft, the meat melts in your mouth, you feel that it is very juicy, the little cheese is feta, it’s fresh at the same time, it’s satisfying », he lists.

He adds that the Berliner was generous and had a lot of sauce in it, something that is important to him. Furthermore, he finds that there is a perfect balance between freshness, spice and the satisfying side of the meat. “ It’s really simple when you think about it, there’s nothing revolutionary, but it’s really well executed “, he summarizes. He was seduced by this beautiful discovery, finally declaring: “ My dear Zack, I congratulate you for presenting me with this address, it’s a validated surprise ».

Surprise Kebab, Paris, France

Kebab base

After Surpriz Kebab, the two YouTubers went to Basis Kebab, a classic kebab in Paris. “ It offers quality meat, it has two spits, revisited sandwiches, I’m happy to bring you here Gurky », introduces Zack.

Upon entering, the Canadian YouTuber was captivated by the massive, golden pins that look perfectly crisp from the outside. “ It just looks so good », he says before tasting.

In this Parisian address, Zack introduces Gurky to classic kebabs, but also to a meal that he loves: Bami. He specifies that it is a very well-known Vietnamese sandwich, but revisited, kebab style. So, he decides with his YouTuber friend to order one of each.

After receiving the order, Gurky was moved by his plate and admitted that he had “ a tear in the eye when seeing this magnificent sandwich presented in an artistic way “. At first glance, he thinks it’s wet and well-sauced and looks good.

Zack takes the initiative to taste first and specifies that “ the meat is incredible and creamy, the sauce really makes the difference and the bread is incredible ”, although he would have liked the bread to be warmer.

Gurky, for his part, points out that he has never seen anything like this fusion of kebab and bami. “ We feel the freshness of the coriander, the marinated carrots, the little bami sauce, the mayonnaise, there is a slightly sweet side to the meat, it’s really seasoned », he expresses himself. “ It works very well, I find it better than the classic bami », he adds.

The culinary experience at Basis Kebab is not yet over as they are already starting their second discovery. In front of them, another equally magnificent kebab: The lamb one. As Gurky tastes, Zack speaks: “ You get the bite on top with the sauce, but when you dig in a little, you have less sauce inside, and therefore it’s less aggressive, and I love that ».

Gurky finds the kebab itself enormous, the vegetables inside braised and tender and the lamb well marinated and perfectly cooked. So, while eating this kebab “ you won’t taste its aftertaste, it’s quite mild and delicious with a very good texture “, he says.

« I find it completely good and different from the others we tried, special mention for the bread which tastes like real good bread, you can see that it’s homemade that too », he adds. “ Once again Zack, you delight me, it’s validated “, he concluded.

Basis Kebab, Paris, France

Kebab Mina

After tasting slightly different and fancy kebabs, Zack indicates that France also offers classic kebabs. And according to him, they are the most effective with their bread, their very large quantity of very fatty meat and especially with their few vegetables. For this reason, he takes his Canadian friend, Gurky, to Kebab Mina, to test one.

At first glance, the classic kebab reminds Gurky of the sandwiches they have at home in Montreal. But after tasting it, he already finds that there are the perfect amount of vegetables and that the meat is really different. “ Much saltier, much fattier, oilier, but in a good way, it’s pleasure “, he indicated.

Zack for his part confirms the Canadian’s comments by declaring that “ the meat is very fatty, it has a very strong taste. Plus, the little herbs in it really make a difference. “. He assures that it’s like the classic kebab, but better.

The two YouTubers find that there is as much interest in a kebab in this style as the others they have tested. “ Both are equally delicious “, says Gurky before closing this experience at Kebab Mina by admitting that it was ” another great discovery, it’s validated ».

Kebab Mina, Paris, France

Naan Stop

For their fourth and final stop, Zack takes his friend to Naan Stop, a place known for its quality meats, to try another kebab. For an enriching experience, they get a regular kebab with sauce, loaded meat, and the berliner with feta, grilled vegetables and mix-ins, all wrapped in a naan. I think it will be delicious », says Gurky.

They begin this experience with the Berliner, Zack expresses himself with enthusiasm, specifying that “ it’s soft, the sauce is a little spicy, the little grilled vegetables are a little cold, but really make a nice little difference and especially the naan, what it brings… ».

« It’s really interesting, I smell completely different spices, the vegetables are really good, there are more of them than in the Berliner we ate before », Expresses Gurky in turn. On the other hand, he didn’t smell like cheese. So, he asked to try it with cheese naan which he really liked. “ It’s creamy, it’s velvety, silky in the mouth, it’s really good “, he admitted.

Then they taste the normal kebab which looks nice with such good meat, homemade white sauce and samurai sauce. “ Normal is a lot of fatty meat with a little vegetables on the bottom and always naan to accompany it. », says Zack. Finally, Gurky also finds that “ the meat is really good and different from the others ”, this is what he finds very interesting.

Naan Stop, Paris, France

The ranking of the best kebabs in Paris according to YouTubers Zack and Gurky

After eating four delicious kebabs in Paris, French-speaking YouTubers, Zack and Gurky, made their rankings. “ I want to discover your ranking, I wonder if there are any surprises », Addresses Zack to Gurky.

In 4th position, Gurky puts the Kebab Mina. “ It was very fatty, it was very good, all four are delicious, but I still put it in 4th position “, he indicated.

Then he ranks Basis Kebab third. And as he loves naans, he places Naan Stop in 2nd position and Surpriz Kebab at the top of the ranking since he found that everything was perfect there.

Although he liked his friend’s ranking, Zack was surprised by his friend’s choices. “ My ranking is different, I will divide the experience into tasted sandwiches “, he says. Which means that in his ranking, there are 5.

Ranking of Kebabs

« In 5th position, I would put the chicken bami variant sandwich from Basis which was very good, but which left me with less fond memories than the others. In 4th, I will put the Mina kebab which was great with the little spices and the very fatty meat, etc., it was great. In 3rd, I will put the Naan Stop where I combine the two, I really liked it. Second, the Basis, but lamb version, and like you this time, the Surpriz first because for me, it was absolutely fabulous”summarizes Zack who finds that the 5 were very good, but that the ranking had to be done carefully.

Whether you are a kebab lover or looking for new culinary experiences, Paris will meet all your expectations. So don’t hesitate to embark on a unique taste experience by trying the best kebabs in the capital.



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