Croatia – Italy: the Nazionale qualified on the wire (1-1)

Croatia – Italy: the Nazionale qualified on the wire (1-1)
Croatia – Italy: the Nazionale qualified on the wire (1-1)

Croatia and Italy faced off on Monday, for the third day of Euro 2024. Final score, 1-1.

Croatia and Italy faced each other on Monday, on the third day of Euro 2024. On the verge of elimination, the Squadra Azzurra found the resources to equalize in the last moments and advance to the next round.

Croatia and Italy back to back

Croatia showed their intentions from the kick-off and projected themselves forward with the ball. The Croats also sounded the first alert with a surprising strike from Luka Sucic, deflected for a corner by Gianluigi Donnarumma (5e). Italy managed to extricate themselves from the Croatian high block and offered some flashes but lacked success like Lorenzo Pellegrini’s header, which fled the target (11e).

Croatia certainly had possession but it was the Squadra Azzurra which offered itself another big opportunity with a header from Retegui which passed a few centimeters from Livakovic’s cage (21e). The Croatian goalkeeper then made a big save in front of Bastoni, who was going to score on a header after a cross from Barella (27e). The Italians insisted but Pellegrini also came up against Livakovic, not surprised by his shot (36e). Both teams returned to the locker room with a goalless draw.

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Zaccani delivers the National Team

Returning from the locker room, the Croats still put pressure on the Italian camp. Which allowed them to score a penalty after a handball from Davide Frattesi. Penalty which will be missed by Luka Modric who stumbled on Donnarumma (54e). Just after his failure, the Real Madrid midfielder took advantage of a dismissal by the PSG goalkeeper to send the ball into the back of the net (1-0, 55e). Showered by this goal, the Italians, well helped by the newcomers, took the game into their own hands and put the Croatian camp in danger. But they always lacked success as on the header of Bastoni who did not find the target (61ste).

Regrouped behind, the Croats repelled all attacks from the Nazionale. Rising very high, the Italians were discovered and were only saved by Croatia’s lack of accuracy. By insisting, Italy managed to equalize after added time thanks to a curled goal from Zaccanni (1-1, 90+8). A goal which qualified the Nazionale (4pts) for the 8th and at the same time eliminated the Vatreni, who finished with two points.

A flawless performance for La Roja

In the other Group B match, Spain won against Albania thanks to a goal from Ferran Torres in the first half (13e). With this victory, La Roja takes nine points out of nine and consolidates its first place. Albania, with one point, is eliminated.



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