Europe 1 journalists talk about his arrival!

Europe 1 journalists talk about his arrival!
Europe 1 journalists talk about his arrival!

The arrival of Cyril Hanouna on Europe 1 was not unanimous among radio journalists. They have spoken!

This is a replacement that is not at all unanimous. Cyril Hanouna has been present on Europe 1 for several days already. And the least we can say is that his presence would not delight all journalists.

Cyril Hanouna on Europe 1

To everyone’s greatest surprise, the management of Europe 1 replaced Sophie Davant’s show for Cyril Hanouna. In fact, the latter invites listeners to a political program before the legislative elections.

In revenge, sa presence on Europe 1 is debated. Several accuse the main person concerned of promoting the ideas of the extreme right. According to a France Info survey, several employees would not appreciate the presence of Cyril Hanouna on the radio.

An experienced radio journalist anonymously confided to France Info: “We were taken as traitors. This super divisive choice was imposed on us”. Several people have also considered resigning.

“The day it went on air, several people told me they wanted to leave radio. We have the impression of a silent and global resignation of management« specified the journalist.

For her part, another journalist described the day Cyril Hanouna went on air as “black Monday”. One thing is certain, his presence caused a lot of noise in the Europe 1 studios, but also on the Web.

The employee declared to France Info: “It has was the last straw (…) We have really become accustomed to having right-wing, even far-right, information treatment, from chosen, dishonest, diverted angles (…)”.

Tongues are loosened

The employee continued: “But there, we were faced with two hours of information in a completely ideological program, a complete caricature”. And to specify that a “funeral atmosphere” reigned in the studios of Europe 1.

A freelance journalist also left the radio to express her dissatisfaction following the arrival of Cyril Hanouna. He then wrote a message in which he confided about his decision.

The journalist declared on the host of TPMP: “Offering objective information, with a concern for contradiction, has always dictated my action on the ground« .

Before also specifying: “And it appears to me today that this requirement is no longer respected, whether in the reporting orders (or the angles requested) and, even more generally, on the air”.

And also throw in: “However, this should be a necessity not only at all times, but even more so in these troubled times politically, socially, ecologically, economically and diplomatically speaking”.

And to specify that the journalists had a ban since the arrival of Cyril Hanouna. According to the employee, employees cannot “qualify the RN or Reconquest as a far-right party”.

On the other hand, the LFI is described as a far-left party. Differences therefore that some journalists have great difficulty accepting. For his part, Cyril Hanouna has not yet reacted to all these comments. It remains to be seen whether the TPMP presenter will decide to react. To be continued!

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