Quebec in the trajectory of two systems

Quebec in the trajectory of two systems
Quebec in the trajectory of two systems

Published on June 24, 2024 at 4:10 p.m.

Next week will be punctuated by a few beautiful days stuck between two systems for most regions of Quebec. The good news: there will be little humidity in the air. Forecast.

In short :

  • Two low-moisture systems will follow each other this week

  • Tuesday and Friday should be sunny days.

  • Clouds and a little rain for Wednesday and Thursday.

  • Another system takes over on Saturday

Featured humidity

Humidity has marked the last 7 days in Quebec. After a sweltering heatwave with temperatures reaching 45 in several places, thunderstorms and torrential rain flooded many areas. We reached 120 mm of rain in Lanaudière and 110 mm in the Laurentians during the Saint-Jean weekend. The system responsible for all of this rain came from the southern United States. It was therefore able to pump moisture from the Gulf of Mexico.


The systems follow each other

The next two systems that will fly over Quebec come more from the west. They will therefore be much less loaded with humidity. They will make their way between two air masses and cross the province from west to east, but they will be less formidable than that of last week. Also less imposing, they will take turns to ensure that the week is anything but boring weather-wise. Conditions will vary from day to day.



But above all, no imposing humidex factor, therefore no suffocating feeling. Low humidity obviously means less rain and a much lower risk of storms. The first system will arrive in Abitibi late Tuesday afternoon. The sun will therefore dominate the province on Tuesday, but the clouds will take up a lot of space during the day on Wednesday. The rain will, however, be much more modest.



The system will leave the province on Thursday for another sunny day on Friday, but the good weather will be short-lived. Another system will follow just behind and will prevail in the west of the province. The start of next weekend will therefore be under clouds, except for the eastern regions of the territory, which will be able to benefit a little from Saturday. Much less strong than that of the most recent weekend, the system will pass fairly quickly over Quebec and should give way to sunshine for the end of the weekend.


With the collaboration of Alexandra Giroux, meteorologist

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