The curfew for minors in Pointe-à-Pitre and Les Abymes is lifted

The curfew for minors in Pointe-à-Pitre and Les Abymes is lifted
The curfew for minors in Pointe-à-Pitre and Les Abymes is lifted

It’s the end of curfew for minorshas Pointe-à-Pitre and Abymes. The order taken on April 20, establishing the temporary traffic ban, was lifted by the prefect this Sunday, June 23, at midnight. It had been extended once, last May.

This prefectural decree was an exceptional measure to deal with a significant increase in juvenile delinquency, in the context of an increase in armed robberies and homicides,” recalls the prefecture in a press release.

According to her, the curfew, supplemented by other measures such as the “Place Nette” operations, made it possible to obtain significant results: -8.9% of acts committed by minors over the period of application of the decree (compared to 16% in the first quarter of 2024).

Decrease in delinquency

Across the entire police zone, juvenile delinquency has also remained stable (9.5% over the period of application of the decree, compared to 10% over the first quarter of 2024), but above which was observed in 2023 (6%). The trend is also towards decrease for general delinquency (-15% of facts recorded over the period of the order compared to the first 4 months of the year).

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Pour Harry Durimel, the mayor of Pointe-à-Pitrethe results of the two months of implementation are generally positive, according to the feedback from those administered, who note “a lull in nighttime incivility”, including a reduction in the deterioration of street furniture.

But, like many people from Pointe, the mayor wonders about the post-curfew period:

Since the curfew was put in place, we have already saved at least some trash cans. I am told that trash is not worth the distress of young people. I understand, and I address this distress through the actions we carry out within the Local Delinquency Prevention Council, the CLSPD, and we do in-depth work. But aside from that, there needs to be an immediate response to the urban guerrilla warfare that was taking place in Pointe-à-Pitre. And our police officers were running after minors who were having fun burning street furniture and trash cans. So yes, from this point of view, citizens tell us that they have experienced a lull in the nighttime incivility of young people who, for fun, do stupid things

What about after?

According to Harry Durimelsince yesterday already, people started calling because they noticed that there were gatherings of young people standing, minors.

They asked us if the curfew is over. There are people who are already dreading the end of the curfew because they consider that they will miss this bell that we put in place after 8 p.m. to return minors to their families. I hope that the results of the Baccalaureate, of the certificate, will confirm the usefulness of children not being in the street after 8 p.m.

In his press release, the prefect does not rule out reintroducing a curfew, depending on the evaluation of the action plan deployed in parallel with this measure and the evolution of delinquency.


Other actions implemented according to the prefecture

Welcoming the good results, the prefect indicates that partnership actions have been initiated and implemented within the framework of the local security and delinquency prevention council (CLSPD) of Pointe-à-Pitre in connection with the city, the justice and other prevention actors.

Three issues were considered priorities : addictions and violence; idleness and loss of confidence and self-esteem; parenting support.

Around fifteen measures were taken, including:

  • support for children and young people in difficulty or so-called difficult ones, via break-up stays;
  • the establishment of workshops to strengthen psycho-social skills, through emulation groups between young people, supervised by popular education professionals, in order to train them in non-violent communication and the affirmation of self ;
  • the creation of green space brigades for the maintenance and beautification of the neighborhoods of Pointe-à-Pitre, in the form of integration projects for young people looking for a first professional experience or sentenced to work. ‘general interest.

The “vigilant neighbors” system and the mobilization of associations in the neighborhoods were recently decided.



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