volume 1 – Opinion + – Onirik

volume 1 – Opinion + – Onirik
volume 1 – Opinion + – Onirik

Publisher: Ki-oon

de You Chiba

– Where did they find such a creepy teacher?!

Rita works at Kindergarten Black and she is desperate. It’s difficult to meet new people in your job as a schoolteacher. But here is Spade, the ideal hunk. Right now, he’s on the roof of the neighboring building with a sniper rifle. Logically, this is the work tool for a hitman. But Rita has spotted him and rushes towards him. Spade tries to dodge, but Rita is faster. After beating him up, she takes out her pistol and begins the interrogation: “ Do you have a girlfriend? »

It should be noted that the Kindergarten Black is the safest preschool in the world. It welcomes children whose parents have huge incomes. This requires highly competent teaching staff, whether in the handling of firearms or in throwing grenades.

Before the arrival of Rita and her colleagues, traditional teachers tended to succumb while protecting their students. Also, the government had the idea of ​​assigning those sentenced to death to this school to ensure the protection of young children. If they give satisfaction and if they survive, they will be entitled to a reduced sentence.1.

Rita and her teammates are fully aware of their duty and carry out their work (school and otherwise) in a grand display of gunplay and black humor.

Kindergarten Wars, You Chiba

Technical sheet

Format: pocket
Pages: 212 including 4 color pages
Screenplay and Drawing: You Chiba
Translation: Damien Guinois
Graphic adaptation: Quentin Matias
Publisher: Ki-oon
Collection : Shonen
Release: April 4, 2024
Prix : 7,95 €



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