Baadoolo – End of the fat period
Time for ambitions. Amadou Ba announces a “New responsibility”. It is therefore a question of taking responsibility for this long list of candidates defeated in March. Little by little, the birds (re)make their nests. In any case, as the elections approach and political errors multiply, ambitions will blossom. Some will stand on their own two feet. In the meantime, the other oppositions who hesitate to put an end to the very fat pardon of Diomaye and Sonko.

Burglary in Medina Baye One of the attackers killed, a police officer injured
A Wave drop-off point was robbed in the Baye Niass city, located in Medina Baye, on the night of Saturday June 22 to Sunday June 23, 2024, according to information from Barham Universel Media. Unidentified individuals broke into this business, after initially stealing a vehicle. However, at the scene, they had to face young people from the neighborhood but also elements of the police who were making the rounds. After heated altercations, two of them fell into the hands of bloodhounds and a police officer was injured. The latter was also evacuated to the El Hadji Ibrahima Niass regional hospital in Kaolack. It should also be noted that one of the attackers injured during the exchanges died of his injuries in hospital, while the second thug is in the hands of investigators from the Kaolack central police station. The other members of the fleeing gang are wanted by the police.

Response to the fall in the price of bread Millers suspend flour production
The reduction in the price of bread, which is due to come into force this Monday, risks being compromised. The millers have, in fact, decided to suspend flour production, according to a press release taken up by Seneweb. A reaction to the decision of the National Consumer Council of June 21, 2024 to reduce the price of baking flour from 19,200 to 15,200 CFA francs. The Association of Industrial Millers of Senegal informs that this provisional stop is motivated by the continued rise in wheat costs and the “absence” of clarity on the terms of financial compensation. She denounces unsustainable pressure on their economic viability and calls for an urgent response from the authorities to avoid a crisis in the sector.

Legislative elections in France – Samira Djouadi campaigning in Dakar
The French will go to the polls on June 30 for the first round of the legislative elections. And it is a decisive election, especially since the far right could control the National Assembly. It is in this context that the sole candidate of the Ensemble pour la République Movement (outgoing majority) in the 9th constituency representing the French established in the Maghreb and West Africa, faced the press on Saturday in Dakar. , reports the Aps. Samira Djouadi stressed the need to “strengthen this partnership between Senegal and France so that entrepreneurs can do business in Dakar and other cities in a calm manner.” She indicated that in Senegal, “unlike other countries in the 9th district, 60% of French people are dual nationals”. In the presence of her deputy Léa Diani, Ms. Djouadj declared: “Entrepreneurs came to settle (in Senegal) because for them returning to the country of origin of their parents was very important. They come to provide expertise and to do co-construction with Senegalese born in France.”

Letter to the media Me Sèye’s family calls for censorship of Clédor Sène
It is with the features of a “murderer and blackmailer” that members of the family of Me Babacar Sèye, murdered in 1993, painted the activist Clédor Sène to ask the media to no longer invite him on the sets . “We write to you to express our deep concern and our strong objection regarding the continued appearances of the individual Clédor Sène, convicted murderer of our father, the former Vice-President of the Constitutional Council, Judge Babacar Sèye, in your television programs” , they were indignant. As the victim’s family, the authors of the missive say they find it “deeply disturbing that a person convicted of such a heinous crime is invited to speak on television as an expert or influencer” to “reopen old wounds” born of the loss of a loved one. “The frequent appearances of Clédor Sène on your networks have a distressing impact on our family. Each broadcast serves as a painful reminder of the tragedy we endured, exacerbating our grief and hindering our healing process,” signed Gnagna Diouf Sèye and his siblings.

The return of covid confirmed 20% to 60% of positive coronavirus cases among pilgrims
It’s official ! Covid resurfaced and he took the plane. The head doctor of the health control service at the air borders of Blaise Diagne International Airport (Aibd) indicated on Sunday, to Aps, that a rate varying between 20% and 60% of positivity for coronavirus, was diagnosed among pilgrims returning from the holy places of Islam depending on the flights. “I therefore invite pilgrims who are going to leave Djedah in Saudi Arabia to wear the mask before entering their respective aircraft and to continue to wear it, once they arrive in Senegal, within the community and at home to avoid a spread of the disease in Senegal,” said Charles Bernard Sagna. Earlier in the day, a doctor from the Khadija clinic in Zac Mbao, Dr Alassane Tall, informed on his page of the “return of Covid in force”, specifying that “many positive cases were detected in the samples of pilgrims Senegalese”. At the Ministry of Health, caution was still required. The Health Department is surprised that a doctor communicates instead of the ministry.



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