SENEGAL-RELIGION / Ziguinchor: the new bishop says he “well measured the weight of this charge” – Senegalese press agency

Ziguinchor, June 24 (APS) – The new bishop of Ziguinchor (south), Monsignor Jean Baptiste Valter Manga, declared Monday that he had “well measured the weight of this burden”, stressing that he intends to rely on the strong forces of the Diocese, the State and other religious communities in the country to succeed in its mission.

The vicar of the parish of the Good Shepherd of Enampore, Mgr Jean Baptiste Valter Manga, appointed bishop of the Diocese of Ziguinchor by Pope Francis, says he has well measured the weight of this “burden”.

The appointment of the vice-rector of the Grand Séminaire Notre-Dame de Brin was made public last Thursday by the Vatican through a press release.

“Ziguinchor is an important Diocese in our country, sharing with the Diocese of Kolda, a situation strongly marked by what is called the Casamance conflict,” recalled Mgr Manga during a press briefing.

To carry out this mission, the new bishop counts first of all on the strong forces of the Diocese of Ziguinchor, the priests, the religious and the lay faithful.

“I would also like to count on the State and our brothers and sisters of other religions, our Muslim brothers and those of local religions since we are all embarked on the same destiny which is that of our country Senegal,” he said. he adds.

Returning to the “numerous actions and noble initiatives taken by his predecessors for the benefit of the diocesans”, the new Bishop of the Diocese of Ziguinchor promised to continue this long path for the full development of his diocesans in the faith.

He promised “prayerful communion” and collaboration with administrative, civil, military, religious and customary authorities for, he said, “a prosperous and peaceful Senegal”.

“His Holiness Pope Francis appointed me Bishop of Ziguinchor and this appointment was made effective Thursday June 20 at 10 a.m. at the Saint-Antoine de Padua Cathedral here in Ziguinchor,” he recalled.

Mgr Jean Baptiste Valter Manga recalls having been appointed Bishop of Ziguinchor after Mgr Paul Abel Mamba, transferred on November 4, 2021 by His Holiness Pope Francis, to the Episcopate Headquarters of the Diocese of Tambacounda.

He thanked the Apostolic Nuncio to Senegal Mgr Valdemar Sommertag who led the entire procedure of his appointment.

In relation to his ordination and his official installation at the head of the Diocese of Ziguinchor, Monsignor Jean Baptiste Valter Manga recalled that there were two stages in the process of appointing a Bishop.

“After the nomination stage follows that of the Coronation and installation on the Episcopate Seat. From a legal point of view, ordination takes place three months after appointment. Which would bring us to September 2024,” he said.

But, according to him, “the climatic conditions and the concerns of diocesans at this time would make the organization of such an event difficult”. Reason why he says he requested an exemption from the Nuncio. “And we are waiting for the effective response,” informs Mgr Manga.

While awaiting his ordination and installation, Mgr Fulgence Coly continues to administer the Diocese of Ziguinchor, he said.

Aged 52, Mgr Jean Baptiste Valter Manga, native of Oussouye (south) studied theology at the Major Seminary of Sébikotane (1995-2000), after a course of philosophy at the Philosophical Seminary of Brin (1993-1995) , indicates the diocese of Ziguinchor in a press release sent to the APS.

He indicates that the religious also obtained “a degree in biblical theology at the Collège des Bernardins (Paris), in 2009, and a doctorate in ethnology and anthropology at the School of Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, EHESS (Paris), in 2015″.

Ordained priest on December 20, 2000, he served as professor of mathematics and natural sciences at the minor seminary of Ziguinchor and head of the vocations commission (2000-2006).




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