“The good financial health of our city”

“The good financial health of our city”
“The good financial health of our city”

Word « constants » came up several times in the mouth of Mayor Marc Gricourt in his introductory remarks : “We are constant in our ambition in terms of investments, constant in the quality of our public services, constant in the rigor of our management. »

The administrative accounts, he indicated, “are very good both in terms of ratios – the best in 9 years – with significant surpluses and achievement rates which are good. There is good revenue momentum with significant proceeds from disposals (€5.4 million for the sale of the Hôtel-Dieu) and good control of operating expenses.” Marc Gricourt indicates that Blois devotes €436 per inhabitant to investments compared to an average of €345 in cities in the same stratum.

In opposition, Malik Benakcha (LR) denounced “ratios which reflect a very different reality”. If he doesn’t criticize “the volume of investments”, the opponent denounces “investment choices, regretting the low completion rates and the real weakness of investments in sectors such as roads, security, the attractiveness of our territory or even the fight against global warming”. Malik Benakcha emphasizes that “On the operational side, it is important to emphasize that the efforts that we are asking for, budget after budget, are there. »

For Étienne Panchout (MoDem), “Everything is done to ensure that these administrative accounts are good: projects change. The emblem remains the Saint-Vincent square, the beautiful field of land at the foot of the castle.” And then to criticize the state of the roads and sidewalks, which would not be worthy of a city like Blois. To the members of the municipal council, Étienne Panchout “proposed to take a stroll in a wheelchair in the city center of Blois” to denounce its imperfections.

The mayor concluded his introductory remarks as follows: “I would say that this 2023 administrative account demonstrates the good financial health of our city and our ability to meet the challenges facing us. »

New municipal councilor. El-Hassania Fraisse-Ziriaba informed the mayor of her desire to resign from her mandate as municipal councilor “for professional reasons”. As provided for in the electoral code, Marie-Ange Bompastor, as next on the “Blois resolutely” list, was called to sit in the municipal assembly and was immediately installed in this position. Like her predecessor, she will be a member of the municipal finance/means and resources committee.

Urban heating. The 2015 law on energy transition for green growth served as a reminder of the important role of heat and cold networks for energy efficiency and the distribution of renewable and local recovery energies.

Two heating networks exist in the territory of the City of Blois: Bégon Croix-Chevalier, an aging network from the 1970s; and Laplace-Provinces, commissioned at the end of 2016.

The results of these heating networks are generally positive with a renewable energy and recovery rate greater than 90% and prices that are generally competitive (between 12% and 39% lower than the national average).

For the years to come, a scenario has been retained: the extension of the Provinces Laplace network, by 2026-2028; but also extension of the Bégon Croix-Chevalier network towards Foch Quinière Cabochon, by 2026-2028. ” Westwelcomes Mayor Marc Gricourt, social housing and public facilities (e.g., Saint-Georges gymnasium) will be supplied. »

Student housing. The municipal council authorizes SEM 3 Vals Aménagement to transfer land in the station sector to the company Linkcity Centre-Ouest, which wishes to develop a university residence with 109 rooms and management premises, a new university restaurant in Blois – both managed by the Crous –, as well as a building of 21 housing units for home ownership. This sale is granted for an amount of €862,000 including tax.

Parking gare. The City of Blois, Sem 3 Vals Aménagement and SNCF Gares et Connexions have signed an amendment to the memorandum of understanding initial, acting among other things the creation by Sem of a surface car park with a minimum capacity of 100 spaces, making it possible to temporarily accommodate parking linked to the station; the operation of the temporary parking being ensured by Effia; once the latter has been developed, the transfer of the corresponding land (approximately 2,949 m2) by the Week to SNCF Gares à Connexions at the estimated price of €251,313.89 excluding VAT.



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