concrete figures from one year of action

concrete figures from one year of action
concrete figures from one year of action

A year after the launch of the new security equipment on the Quai de la Douane esplanade, its main brigadier, Luc Tari, draws up an initial assessment which he considers promising.

It was a smiling unit, proud to present its nest, which welcomed us between two interventions. Long awaited by local residents, the Port Lympia municipal police station recently celebrated its first anniversary.

A year of operation rich in lessons, as Luc Tardi told us.“Many people knock on our door to tell us their grievances. We offer a real local service.”

With solid experience, Luc Tari is the senior brigadier of the unit (Photo © Romain Boisaubert/​Nice-​Presse)

With no less than 125 arrests in flagrante delicto – theft, assault, carrying a weapon, intentional violence, use of narcotics, drunkenness on public roads, etc. – carried out between July 27, 2023 and June 20, 2024, the port unit traveled the eastern sector of the city to enforce the orders in force, particularly those relating to “consumption of alcohol on public roads, aggressive begging or bivouacs.”

Garibaldi and the heavily monitored coastline

Sometimes singled out for the numerous incivilities observed, Place Garibaldi was made a priority by the agents of the sector – eight municipal police officers and three public highway surveillance agents – to the delight of the traders who noted a clear improvement places.

“We pass there every day, almost once an hour, until the night brigade takes over after 7 p.m.explains Luc Tardi. This may seem repetitive, because we regularly verbalize the same individuals, but it is important work that must be continued. Unfortunately, on our scale, we cannot do more than put them in a sobering up cell or move them from point A to point B…”

(Photo © Romain Boisaubert/​Nice-​Presse)

On the maritime level, if “offenses on the water are few”the nautical brigade regularly operates on the coastal path, near Coco Beach, thanks to its semi-rigid equipped with two 115 horsepower Mercury engines.

“Groupings often pose problems, with young people going down to the coast with the tram. People denounce numerous acts of incivility, such as noise pollution, waste left on the ground or the use of hookahs in an area where cigarettes are prohibited.”

With the rise of the “Allo Mairie” application, the single call number for all questions relating to acts of incivility, a lot of information is also reported every day to the police station.

“In this first year, 850 seizures were made thanks to itlists Luc Tardi. During our twelve-hour shifts, we spend three to four hours on the app.” Meticulous work, for “ensure the safety of the people of Nice as best as possible.”

Some figures (July 27, 2023-​June 20, 2024)

  • 125 arrests in flagrante delicto
  • 5372 fines for annoying parking
  • 40 stolen vehicles found
  • 1356 homeless people displaced
  • 757 traffic code fines
  • 2500 people informed at the reception of the post
  • 31 interventions on swimmers in difficulty
  • 143 fines by municipal decree for alcohol consumption


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