SENEGAL-COMMERCE / Distributors question the drop in bread and cement prices – Senegalese Press Agency

Dakar, June 24 (APS) – The new prices of bread and cement could not come into force, because the measures announced by the State with a view to their reduction have not been notified to millers and cement manufacturers, supported professionals in the distribution channels of these two products on Monday in Dakar.

The government and the National Consumer Council (CNC) announced a drop in the prices of several consumer goods, including cement and bread.

The price of the 190 gram baguette, the most sold, goes from 175 to 160 CFA francs.

The State announces that it has suspended the payment of a tax on cement to allow cement manufacturers to reduce the price per tonne by 2,000 CFA francs.

The government declares that it has reduced the price of a 50 kilo bag of flour by 4,000 CFA francs to allow bakers to sell the 190 gram baguette at 160 CFA francs.

These measures are supposed to come into force this Monday, according to the CNC, a body chaired by the Minister of Industry and Commerce.

”The millers consulted this morning [pour] stop the sale of flour, because we actually had a dispute. We welcome the authorities’ desire to reduce the price of a bag of flour to 15,200 CFA francs. However, as industrialists we have received no guarantee, no written exchange telling us how the reduction of 4,000 francs will be financed,” argued Franck Bavard, deputy general manager of Grands Moulins de Dakar, a major supplier. flour and wheat.

”We have received verbally information relating to the abandonment of customs duties […] We also need to know [ce qu’on fera des] stocks of wheat and flour that we have in our factories. Customs duties have already been paid on these stocks,” added Mr. Bavard during a press conference of the National Employers’ Council of Senegal (CNP).

He believes that ”it’s as if [les meuniers seront] taken to subsidize [eux-mêmes] the price of bread. ”We are sorry […] The profit margin of millers is very low,” argued Franck Bavard.

He assures the authorities of the ”commitment” and the ”willingness” of the millers to ”support” the reduction in tariffs, while considering that the State must take into account the customs duties paid for wheat already imported. ”We hope that the State will quickly make a written proposal, which would put an end to this vagueness.”

Ousmane Mbaye, the general manager of Dangote Cement Senegal, one of the country’s main cement manufacturers, also has concerns about the falling price of this commodity.

”We are waiting for the decree and the ministerial order setting the new price. We no longer sell because everyone (customers) expects this announced drop. But no one can sell at this price, if the decree and the ministerial order which set it are not made public,” argued Mr. Mbaye while speaking at the press conference on behalf of the Union of Industrial Professionals of Senegal .

Baïdy Agne, the president of the CNP, commenting on the drop in prices, maintains that ”the policies […] subsidies don’t work.

”We invite the State to […] support the most vulnerable and avoid subsidizing prices for people who do not need them,” he said.

The National Employers’ Council of Senegal will organize its next “business conference” next Thursday and Friday at the King Fahd hotel in Dakar.




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