Overview of new developments, openings and closings of stores in the city center of Chartres at the end of June 2024

Overview of new developments, openings and closings of stores in the city center of Chartres at the end of June 2024
Overview of new developments, openings and closings of stores in the city center of Chartres at the end of June 2024

New businesses, but also more closures, have occurred in recent months in the city center of Chartres. State of play at the end of June 2024.

New expected brands have recently been installed in the streets of the city center, and others have lowered the curtain, leaving new premises unoccupied. Here is the latest news from the city’s shops.

Adopt’. It is at 11, rue du Bois-Merrain, that the Adopt’ brand opened its doors a few weeks ago, with a colorful universe, in the former premises of Mary Kimberley. The brand mainly offers perfumes with a wide variety of choices: more than a hundred fragrances, made in France, near Bordeaux. Care products and boxes are also offered in the store.

Kiko Milano. In the same street, this time at 28, rue du Bois-Merrain, the makeup brand Kiko Milano, already present in the gallery of the Géant de Lucé shopping center, has set up in the former premises of the optician Krys. This Italian brand, present in many countries, offers a wide choice of makeup, skincare, sunscreen and manicure products, as well as collaborations with television series.

Catering, ready-to-wear… What are the new businesses arriving in the city center of Chartres in April?

New businesses have opened, notably in the very commercial rue Noël-Ballay. Other popular brands also closed their doors last week.

Opium. In this small boutique located at 15, rue Marceau, you can mainly find fashion clothing for men, a large range of t-shirts, but also, quite original, a perfume bar, to create a fragrance according to your desires and taste of the moment . “Perfumes from Middle Eastern countries are also offered for sale,” explains one of the store’s salespeople.

Oxbow. Another opening in the central rue du Bois-Merrain, with Oxbow, a well-known brand, which replaces the Superdry store at 29. The three employees of the brand which closed its doors were kept, with their seniority, for the management of the new store of the French brand. “We are very happy with the start,” explains one of the sellers. Some come out of nostalgia for the brand they loved when they were a little younger, others to discover it. » If the Oxbow brand specializes in surf and board sports clothing and accessories, it offers here a wide choice of trendy streetwear clothing for men and women, swimsuits, but also accessories.

Fae. In this small shop located at 23, rue du Soleil-Or, artisanal products are hidden: ceramics, incense, beautiful notebooks and poetic and colorful illustrations, cosmetics from the Cahé brand, favorites chosen with passion by Faé Zambon , the creator of the artisanal and ethical boutique, which opened its doors on June 8. “This project has been on my mind for several years, and I decided last year to get started,” explains the 27-year-old young woman. I’m also expecting other products in the coming weeks, seeds to plant with messages and soaps. »

And closures…

Cosmoparis. The trendy women’s shoe brand, located at 14, rue Noël-Ballay, closed its doors without announcing it on Saturday June 22. It seems that after less than two years of activity, the brand has not been able to find its audience in Chartres.

Grenadine Heart. In three years of activity, this boutique, with its pastel green storefront on rue du Soleil-d’Or, had carved out a real place for itself in the Chartres commercial landscape, but that was not enough. After several days of promotions, the brand closed its doors on Saturday June 22. The fault has several factors according to the manager, Linda Seff. “During the week, the flow is still very low and, for some time now, the city center has nevertheless been quite deserted. I hear a lot of people complaining about parking prices, and I think they come less spontaneously in the city center. There is also a lack of passing customers and tourists, who do not necessarily come here. I have a very loyal clientele, but they cannot, on their own, carry the store…” The manager also explains that many customers came from the Paris region, but “depending on the events, the climate”, they were less present recently in Chartres. “The figures were unfortunately not there in relation to the monthly charges,” she regrets.



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