The Hygie Sport association, organizer of API DAYS, rewarded by Banque Populaire Occitane

The Hygie Sport association, organizer of API DAYS, rewarded by Banque Populaire Occitane
The Hygie Sport association, organizer of API DAYS, rewarded by Banque Populaire Occitane

Witness and victim of the degradation of our environment, the bee, the primary worker of biodiversity, is in danger.

The overwhelming use of pesticides, the development of monoculture, the disappearance of hedges and flower meadows, growing urbanization, disrespected ecosystems, and the drying up of wetlands are depleting the nectar and pollen resources necessary for development. of the bee.

In addition, the bee is an insect which, through its role as pollinator, occupies a major place in ecosystems, both for the proper functioning of nature and for the benefit of agricultural and horticultural production.

. However, weakened, the bee reproduces poorly, populations weaken and pollination decreases. Faced with these observations, the Hygie Sport association, partner of the UNAF (National Union of French Apiculture), wishes to relay awareness-raising actions to protect the bee to alert the general Gers public of this situation and try to protect both the bee and the beekeeping that depends on it.

Hygie Sport then multiplies collaborations with local actors sensitive to this cause.

Friday June 14, Vanessa Danflous, director of Banque Populaire Auch Foirail and Yann Sanson, professional customer advisor, took advantage of the Api days event to present, on behalf of the BPOC foundation, a trophy to formalize the signing of a sponsorship agreement for 2024 and allow Hygie Sport to invest in digital educational materials in order to raise awareness among young people in schools and develop the “Bees Sentinel of the Environment” project in the Gers.
Cathy GEA, co-president of Hygie Sport, and the members of the office renew their thanks to the BPOC foundation for the interest shown in this project to raise awareness of the protection of biodiversity.

The same day, Friday June 14, the API DAYS took place in Auch: an event supported by the National Union of French Apiculture (UNAF) and relayed in Auch for the first time by the Hygie Sport association.

The Hygie Sport association organized the API days in Auch, a unique event in the Gers, bringing together numerous stakeholders committed to safeguarding bees and protecting biodiversity.

This event is carried out nationally by the UNAF (national union of French beekeeping) and consists of raising awareness among the general public about the protection of the bee, which is now threatened.

. The day of Friday June 14 was also dedicated to the students of primary schools in the city of Auch and the agglomeration of Grand Auch Cœur de Gascogne: 300 students enjoyed discovering the fun and educational course on the world of bee ; the 6 school groups visited the biodiversity stands (Association “Trees and Landscapes”, beekeeping equipment, the educational hive (Garros service, “Thirs place, le 4 Bis”), honey extraction (Rucherd ‘Armagnac), honey tasting and quiz (Hygie Sport and Prévention Maïf).

At the end of the course, each class left with a bag of goodies (samples from UNAF, from Propolia, Pollenergie, Meltonic) and a gingerbread made with chestnut honey (offered by the president of Rucher d ‘Armagnac, Lilian Sinde); the gingerbreads were made by Shenya, a pastry apprentice at Leclerc.

Mr. and Mrs. Baudu, respectively president and director of the Leclerc Auch establishments, engaged in environmental initiatives,
support the Hygie Sport association in the “Bees Sentinel of the Environment” (ASE) project and co-finance the agreement signed between Hygie Sport and the UNAF.

Thanks to the company Gamm vert, the Cordeliers room was decorated with magnificent flowers and plants to create a setting
bucolic to host this event dedicated to the bee. On Saturday June 15, the event continued at Place de la Cathedrale, on a market day: Hygie sport wanted this day to be dedicated this time to the general public by offering awareness stands for safeguarding

The same partners were present to talk about the protection of biodiversity, to promote the production of honey in our territory, to clarify the benefits of hive products and to invite the Gersois to come and relax while breathing the air from the hives at Hygie Sport in there
“Bulle de miel” apitherapy hut, now labeled “Terra Gers”.
Cathy GEA, co-president of Hygie sport, the members of the office and all the members would like to thank the UNAF and all the local actors (Rucher d’Armagnac, Arbres et Paysages, Garros services, Leclerc, Prévention Maif, Centrekor, Propolia, Pollenenrgie, Meltonic, Gascogneapiculture, Gamm vert, Bureau Vallée, Decathlon) which made it possible to offer, for the first time in Auch, the Api Days in order to highlight the Gers beekeepers and promote the production of their honey and other products. the Beehive.

This event also serves as a reminder of the values ​​of Hygie Sport, its holistic support for members and its determination to
promote all its projects linked to “Better Living in our territory”: health prevention and bee protection.

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