“We end up exhausted”: have Bordeaux really played more than Toulouse this season?

“We end up exhausted”: have Bordeaux really played more than Toulouse this season?
“We end up exhausted”: have Bordeaux really played more than Toulouse this season?


Thomas Corbet

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June 24, 2024 at 12:37 p.m.

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Narrowly qualified after a suspenseful final during their Top 14 semi-final against Stade Français, the UBB players finished the match exhausted. Did they play more this season than their next opponents at Stade Toulouse? Here is playing time line by line for Bordeaux-Bègles and Toulouse* before the Top 14 final.

Playing time of players from Bordeaux-Bègles and Toulouse

This may be a commonplace, even a somewhat hackneyed cliché, but the Top 14 is a marathon. Observation that we can extend the season more widely for French international players, between championship, Champions/Challenge Cup and meeting with the French XV.

Here is a projection of the playing times of the probable participants in the Top 14 final line by line. For greater visibility, the names of UBB players will be displayed in bold.

First line: Toulouse advantage

At the player level of 1time line, the advantage (or disadvantage) is on the side of the Rouge et Noir with a cumulative playing time of 6330 minutes compared to 5433 for the Girondins. However, it is a UBB player who has the most flight hours.

  • Maxime Lamothe : 1505 minutes
  • Peato Mauvaka : 1459 minutes
  • Rodrigue Neti : 1186 minutes
  • Dorian Aldegheri : 1169
  • Ugo Boniface : 1156 minutes
  • Carlü Sadie : 865 minutes
  • Jefferson Poirot : 864 minutes
  • David Ainu’u : 859 minutes
  • Julien Marchand : 851 minutes
  • Joel Merkler : 806 minutes
  • Romain Latterrade : 525 minutes
  • Lekso Kaulashvili : 518 minutes

Ben Tameifunawho is hoped for the final but whose chances of participation are slim, is for his part at 1476 minutes playing time this season.

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Second line: Toulouse advantage

In the absence of Emmanuel Meafou (1375 minutes) and facing a less dense pack than that of La Rochelle, we can imagine that Joshua Brennan will be the replacement in 2e line on the Toulouse bench. Which gives the totals of 4232 minutes for Toulouse compared to 3612 for Bordeaux-Bègles. And the following ranking.

  • Richie Arnold : 1715 minutes
  • Guido Petti: 1577 minutes
  • Thibaud Flament: 1530 minutes
  • Adam Coleman : 1044 minutes
  • Cyril Cazeaux : 991 minutes
  • Joshua Brennan : 987 minutes

Third line: Toulouse advantage

Assuming that Joshua Brennan moves up a notch, Mathis Castro-Ferreira could appear on the bench after missing the semi-final. Which results in a count of 5908 minutes of playing time for the Haut-Garonnais against 5335 for the UBB.

  • François Cros: 1905 minutes
  • Alexandre Roumat: 1837 minutes
  • Tevita Tatafu : 1605 minutes
  • Mahamadou Diaby : 1403 minutes
  • Bastien Vergnes-Taillefer: 1265 minutes
  • Jack Willis : 1233 minutes
  • Pierre Bochaton : 1062 minutes
  • Mathis Castro-Ferreira : 933 minutes

Hinge: Toulouse advantage

Penalized by the absence of Matthieu Jalibert in the game, the Bordelo-Béglais are also penalized in the count of time spent on the field where his 1790 minutes are missing. Without its flagship opener, UBB is 3226 minutes behind Toulouse’s 3624.

  • Maxime Lucu: 1879 minutes
  • Antoine Dupont : 1671 minutes
  • Paul Graou : 1486 minutes
  • Matéo Garcia: 1017 minutes
  • Romain Ntamack : 467 minutes
  • Yann Lesgourgues : 330 minutes

Please note: Antoine Dupont’s playing time with France 7 is not counted.

Centers: Toulouse advantage

The strategies having been different during the semi-finals with a 5-3 bench for Toulouse and a 6-2 bench for Bordeaux-Bègles, the advantage of the Rouge et Noir (3944 minutes against 3889) must be put into perspective since it concerns three players compared to only two.

In terms of average playing time for three-quarter centers, it is UBB which is in the lead, as the ranking shows:

  • Yoram Moefana : 1988 minutes
  • Pita Ahki : 1910 minutes
  • Nicolas Depoortère: 1901 minutes
  • Paul Costes: 1052 minutes
  • Santiago Chocobares : 982 minutes

Wing-backs: Bordeaux-Bègles advantage

Between the internationals and the irremovable elements, the players in the rear triangle are those who have accumulated by far the most playing time. This is also the only sector where the UBB finishes in the lead with 7,830 minutes compared to 7,570 on the Stade Toulouse side. .

  • Damian Penaud: 2173 minutes
  • Louis Bielle-Biarrey: 2013 minutes
  • Thomas Ramos : 1970 minutes
  • Romain Buros : 1936 minutes
  • Juan Cruz Mallía : 1898 minutes
  • Blair Kinghorn : 1886 minutes
  • Matthis Lebel : 1816 minutes
  • Pablo Uberti : 1698 minutes

In the end, it is the Stade Toulouse players who have accumulated the most playing time this season with a total of 31608 minutes spent in the field facing the 29315 minutes players from the Union Bordeaux-Bègles.

However, the Rouge et Noir did not seem to draw during their semi-final as the Girondins must have done. It remains to be seen whether their apparent freshness will still be effective during the final on Friday June 28.

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