Interview Nicolas Govin, Avenir Rénovations franchisee in Auxerre

Interview Nicolas Govin, Avenir Rénovations franchisee in Auxerre
Interview Nicolas Govin, Avenir Rénovations franchisee in Auxerre

Nicolas Govinrecently integrated into the network Future Renovations has Auxerre (89), shares his professionnal career and the motivations who pushed him to embark on this new adventure.

Can you tell us about your professional background?

« I first worked in the public transport sector, where I evolved for 17 years. At 18, I was an apprentice while pursuing work-study training which took me up to a bac +4 level. During this work-study period, I was able to acquire practical skills while continuing my studies.
From year to year, I evolved by occupying various positions within large transport groups. This course allowed me to acquire solid experience in the management and organization of transport services, as well as an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities of this sector.
But after spending 17 rewarding years in the public transport sector, I wanted to change direction and embark on a new challenge. Given that I had long had an interest in the construction and public works sector due to my family’s experiences in renovating houses, I naturally wanted to retrain in this field. I therefore chose to join Avenir Rénovations, a franchise that appealed to me with its concept and structured approach to entrepreneurship. For me, this change of direction offers me the opportunity to use my management and coordination skills in a different sector, while pursuing my ambition to undertake and innovate. ».

Why did you choose the field of renovation?

« I have always been fascinated by the construction industry, largely due to the influence of my family and the renovation experiences I shared with my father growing up. Additionally, this field offers more accessible entrepreneurial opportunities and I have always had a strong desire to be an entrepreneur. I was just waiting for the right moment to take the plunge. Renovation was the ideal sector to realize this ambition ».

Why did you prefer to operate as a franchise?

« In my opinion, this model offers security, especially in the start-up phase. I didn’t want to have to manage certain complex aspects alone from the start. With franchising, I have the chance to reiterate a proven concept while benefiting from the support of my franchisor in terms of communication, marketing and operational processes. This model also offers a real time saving thanks to the tools and methods already established ».

Why did you choose to join the Avenir Rénovations network in particular?

« I discovered Avenir Rénovations while researching to find a company to renovate my own home. Following this experience, I was tempted to discover the network from a professional point of view, and I was immediately attracted by the concept. I continued my research and made an appointment with the general manager to find out more.
The strong points of the network, in particular the Devibox business software, which is extremely comprehensive and allows us to respond quickly to customer needs, ended up convincing me. I also really appreciated the tools made available to us as well as the support offered to us by the head of the network. ».

How did you find your initial training?

« During the training, I was able to get answers to all my questions. The trainer shared his feedback with us, which saved us a lot of time. I am ready to get started as an Avenir Rénovations franchisee in Auxerre (89)! ».

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