In Millau, a photographer and an illustrator for the twenty years of the viaduct

In Millau, a photographer and an illustrator for the twenty years of the viaduct
In Millau, a photographer and an illustrator for the twenty years of the viaduct

Millau exhibits a photographer and an illustrator for the twenty years of the Millau viaduct

This year Millau is celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the Viaduct, this bridge which crosses the Tarn at a height of 270 meters and which allows motorists on the A75 to go from north to south without going down to the town of Millau, in the valley. . On this occasion, the cultural associations Aporia Culture and Pingpong are organizing the exhibition Viaduc20 at the third place Pingpong le Toit in Millau.

Viaduc20 brings the series together Places drawings and paintings by illustrator Marianne Rulland, as well as photos by Cédric Joie taken during the construction of the Viaduct. It pays homage to this sailboat-like work of art, which has been an integral part of the Grand Causses landscape since 2004.
The exhibition is installed in Pingpong le Toit, which is a nod to this architectural adventure, because the third place is housed in the offices occupied by Eiffage at the time of this construction. The 4th floor terrace of the business center offers an unrivaled view of the engineering structure over the roofs of Millau.

  • Designer, Marianne Rulland works regularly for architectural publishing. The drawings presented represent places, places, imaginary spaces.
    Both a graphic designer and textile designer, Marianne Rulland focuses on working with pattern and color in screen printing. After creating a workshop in Orléans, she moved to Toulouse and decided to concentrate her work on paper printing and publishing issues, in particular the book as a medium of expression in its own right. Constant back and forth between 2D and 3D, between geometric and figurative patterns, between publishing and sculpture, fuel his research, always with drawing, pattern, color and paper in mind.
    Today she lives and works in Aveyron. She increasingly developed illustrative drawing, exploring the subtleties of layered printing, narrative within the book and the importance of paper as a medium of expression. She has several children’s book projects for which she is looking for a publisher. The series presented is entitled Places and brings together drawings and paintings.
  • Cedric Joy was a building engineer and it was during the construction of the viaduct that the profession of photographer specializing in this field revealed itself to him. It offers around fifteen photos taken twenty years ago behind the scenes of this monumental construction site. Trained as a structural engineer, Cédric Joie worked for 18 years on large-scale or more human-sized construction projects as a business engineer or assistant project manager. He always captured images of his construction sites for technical monitoring obviously but also from an artistic angle. His photographic adventure is linked to the construction of the Viaduct, since it was this project which intimately encouraged him to become a professional photographer…
    The photos presented in the exhibition constitute one of the first photographic works of his new career


    Exhibition from July 10 to September 25
    Opening July 10, 7 p.m. in the presence of Marianne Rulland.
    As part of this anniversary, Aporia Culture and Pingpong are organizing several youth activities around the theme of construction and architecture.

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