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5 days of competition (June 16 to 21, 2024) and 6 access to the finals

This is a rather positive result for the swimmers of the Cercle Nautique Chalonnais who participated for 5 days in the French Elite Championships in Chartres. 5 swimmers were qualified for these French Championships which allowed qualification for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

If the swimmers Angèle Maumy (17 years old), Laura Blanka Nemeth (17 years old), Jeanne Lise Gauthier (16 years old), Idaline Armatol (16 years old) and Blandine Boggio (15 years old) were unable to reach the A finals, they managed to qualify for the B and C finals.

The only downside of this qualifying period was Laura Blanka Nemeth’s serious knee injury following a bad fall on the edge of the pool, the day before the competition, who was unable to compete in these French Championships.

Nevertheless, Angèle, Jeanne-Lise, Idaline and Blandine were able to achieve good championships.

Angèle Maumy: Final B in the 400 meter medley (1st), Angèle won this final and achieved her best performance in 4.59.06 and passed the 5′ mark. Final C in the 200 meter medley (2nd)Angèle achieves her best performance in 2.21.30 in this final.

Jeanne Lise Gauthier: Final B / 400 meters medley (8th) and Final C / 200 meters Butterfly (4th)Jeanne Lise achieves her best performance in 2.22.69, she thus achieves an Elite time.

Idaline Armatol : Final B / 200 meters Backstroke (8th)

Blandine Boggio: Final C / 400 meters medley (6th)

First successful French Elite Championships for Idaline and Blandine with the completion of the finals.

The Chalonnais club thanks Thierry Badey for his care and valuable advice.

A nod to the host and sports journalist Nelson Monfort in the company of Chalonnaise swimmers,

Next national meeting for the Cercle Nautique Chalonnais du July 16 to 21 in Pierrelatte for the French Open Championships with our 14 qualified.

Photos sent for publication.




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