Paris 2024 Olympics: “I have never experienced a moment like this”, the odyssey of Aveyron native Christian Cabantous fanned the flame

Paris 2024 Olympics: “I have never experienced a moment like this”, the odyssey of Aveyron native Christian Cabantous fanned the flame
Paris 2024 Olympics: “I have never experienced a moment like this”, the odyssey of Aveyron native Christian Cabantous fanned the flame

The film retracing the epic tale of the Ruthénois flame bearer was screened on Tuesday June 18 at the CGR before visiting schools and nursing homes in Rodez. The emotion was there.

Twenty-five minutes. Another broken record for Christian Cabantous. This was the time spent by the Aveyron karateka, flame in hand, during his Corsican journey. The Ruthenian flame bearer recounted his Olympic adventure, this June 18, like a call from the odyssey, in the film talentedly directed by Stéphane Sichi, screened at the CGR, who was able to transcribe the emotion, in front of an amazed audience. Happy and proud. Having left the stud farm on a motorbike with his friend Chantal Hurtes, director of a unique, true, symbolic story, the man with the seventh dan, shared his fervor and impatience at the start. “A lot of excitement, I was getting into the subject.” And like any odyssey, Christian experienced many unexpected events. Happy.


Landing in Toulon, Belem found himself projected before his eyes, in front of a television. Like a mirror of his fulfilled dream. “I realized that I was going to carry the flame at that moment.”

A05. This is the number he carries on L’Île-Rousse. A lucky number. At least, that Christian knew how to provoke, again, to see the flame before its time. Spotting the route the day before, looking for the signs like Ulysses on his boat, he found himself on the port, seeing the cars of Paris 2024. “We are here, it’s here, and what do we see: the flame arrived in Corsica.” The flame comes to him. First eternity of the odyssey.

Joy and sharing

D-Day. Like joy. Time becomes sacred. The immaculate outfit is given to the ten bearers at the town hall. Among the instructions: only the flame bearer can touch the flame. “Another incredible piece of luck, I carried the flame for 25 minutes, at the foot of the lighthouse, while the logistics took over with the other carriers. I have never experienced a moment like this,” he confides without hesitation. stop, stars in my eyes. This keeper of the fire is himself in the light. Another moment of eternity that he felt through the values ​​of Olympism: respect, friendship, excellence. In photos, in images, families, friends, strangers around, everyone is there. All The same. All the same, attracted by this sun. The flame of hope, fanned by Christian in his hand. He trots, walks, guided, carried by the flame, photographed, immortalized. The joy on the faces, a reflection of love. After the excitement, silence. Back to earth. Or almost.

1763. Another number. Like another century. Before the Revolution. Its golden ratio. That of the ring given to him as a gift. New trace of eternity. The euphoria of the odyssey returns like the tide. Everyone wants the trophy photo. Hundreds of children, faces lit up. The light of the flame guides their path. The ending is dizzying. Tears like the tide. Full awareness of luck. And rewarded years of working for his patients, caring for them while rising towards his ideal.


Next day. The return of Ulysses. Rodez is Ithaca. The karate champion exudes serenity. Because he was able and knew how to share it. Now it’s all just starting again. The odyssey is preparing to visit schools, retirement homes and health structures to share the Olympism. Peace, benevolence in relay. Effort through sport, health in comfort. And the image returned of Christian on the port, captain flame. Fire, life, joy. Through our odyssey, we realize that we have so much to give. Everyone has their own flame within them. Everything is one. Everything shines. Unity. The citizenship. Universality. The odyssey. When everyone comes together in brotherhood.



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