Storms threaten Quebec: possible floods and tornadoes on the agenda

Storms threaten Quebec: possible floods and tornadoes on the agenda
Storms threaten Quebec: possible floods and tornadoes on the agenda
Published on June 22, 2024 at 8:25 p.m.

Update June 22, 2024 at 9:00 p.m.

The Quebec sky will be particularly eventful this Sunday. Torrential rain, floods, supercells, tornadoes: find out exactly how things are likely to happen in your area.

A system to watch closely

Potentially violent thunderstorms are possible in southern Quebec. Following a heatwave that made many people sweat, several sectors of Quebec must now expect a big shower (but not necessarily cold!). The important system that hangs like a threat over the province will truly make its entrance on Saturday, late in the evening. Light to moderate rain is expected for many areas. Then, on Sunday morning, the storms will begin, in the form of clusters.

A major rain corridor

Since the atmosphere will be very heavy with water, the main threat to watch for from this system will be torrential rain. The regions of Laurentides, Mauricie, Estrie and Montérégie will be in the front row, from Sunday morning, to witness the impressive evolution of this system. Significant amounts of rain are forecast. Potentially nested storms could be present, in this same mass of precipitation.

Thunderstorms Sunday 2

A release that destabilizes

By raising their noses to the sky, many could then notice a certain clearing, between two episodes of rain. Reassuring, comforting and welcome, this release? Not necessarily: this is rather where everything risks playing out… This release could in fact provide further increased destabilization. Severe weather could therefore possibly surprise certain areas on Sunday afternoon. More structured storms which would be accompanied in particular by torrential rain and small hailstones. Enough to water down Quebecers in a festive mood present in various parks across the province, to celebrate the national holiday!

Thunderstorms Sunday 3

Other potential tornadoes on Quebec soil

If the good showers which will fall everywhere will surprise festival-goers, strong gusts could also join the “party”. It is more our neighbors to the south who will face the risk of tornadoes, but all this action could travel across the border and disrupt several Quebec regions. A risk of rotation in the clouds is possible. The formation of a brief tornado is not ruled out for the sectors of Beauce, Estrie and a certain portion of Montérégie. This would be the region of interest for Sunday.

Thunderstorms Sunday 5

Remember: torrential rain remains the main threat, with the storms this Sunday, since there is a lot of water in the atmosphere. Flash flooding will be possible in some places. However, humidity does not leave its place either.

Thunderstorms Sunday 4

In short, we could say that the weather also wants to celebrate, with a busy and eventful day in sight, for this Sunday, June 23!

With the collaboration of Nicolas Lessard, meteorologist.

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