play and fun

play and fun
play and fun

ADAPTED SPORT. The Grand Est Adapted Sports League organized on Wednesday June 19, at the Charles-Jacquin synthetic stadium in Saint-Dizier, the second edition of the Grand Est Adapted Sports Football Cup of the Medical-Educational Institutes (IME). A day, which was a first in Haute-Marne, based on cohesion, with games and fun above all.

Partner of the event, the Saint-Dizier/Montier/Ornel association (SDMO) participated in the day by presenting two U11 women’s teams so that there would be more matches in the under-14 category. The athletes competed against each other in matches lasting two times thirteen minutes interspersed with a four-minute half-time.

Among the youth, five teams were in the running. It was the Henri-Viet de Chaumont “Itep device” which won the event ahead of a second team from the same establishment. SDMO team “1” ranks third, IME Château-Renard de Bourbonne-les-Bains fourth and SDMO team “2” fifth.

In the other category, reserved for under 21s, it was the Vosges from the adapted sports section of ES Thaon-les-Vosges who won the cup after round-trip matches against two teams from an agreement between the Blue Castors of the IME of Bois-l’Abbesse and the Adasms of Puellemontier.

“The first edition took place last year in Thaon. We want to reach more medical-educational institutes. Football is one of the sports that we have decided to focus on this season. We thank the SDMO for having made two women’s teams available and for the welcome,” commented Haut-Marnais Antoine Mion, federal technical advisor within the Grand Est Adapted Sports League.

He knows the importance of this type of event for athletes. “Sport in IME stimulates the athlete in all his motor, emotional and cognitive capacities in order to give him pleasure in practicing an adapted physical and sporting activity. This strengthens self-esteem and asserting one’s abilities through success during the various exercise workshops set up by PE teachers or sports educators,” added Antoine Mion.

Great phases of play, solidarity, smiles and many goals. The perfect cocktail for a successful day.

  • The SDMO women, here challenging one of the teams from Ditep Henri-Viet de Chaumont (in pink). Photo: AJ
  • Antoine Mion, federal technical advisor (photo AJ).
  • Among the under-21s, Thaon (in blue) dominated the Castors bleus/Puellemontier (in black) team. Photo: AJ


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