a week of political news in Charente-Maritime

a week of political news in Charente-Maritime
a week of political news in Charente-Maritime

Falorni and the label

Above all, do not say that Olivier Falorni is the Ensemble candidate for the legislative elections. Especially since we don’t label him with the presidential camp. His entourage spares no effort so that he is presented as “various left” and nothing else (not easy since the pension reform episode). At best we recognize a support but which we hasten to dissolve in a broader movement, including the PRG and the movement of Bernard Cazeneuve. The former Modem and Independent MP writes a story that would impose him as a bulwark against the extremes – a relative threat in his constituency (La Rochelle-Île de Ré). Let’s say that we have known more extremists than the ecologist Jean-Marc Soubeste.


Hollande is bored in retirement

The announcement of François Hollande’s visit to the comic bookstore Bulles en cavale in Rochefort, on June 29 to sign his new book “Leur Europe” published by Glénat jeunesse, was a little unexpected. Well, the former President of the Republic also came to Rochefort to join his wife, Julie Gayet, in the middle of the Twin Sisters festival which she chairs! This was without counting on the dissolution of the Assembly and the upcoming legislative elections. Because the socialist jumped at the opportunity to block the far right: he is running with the New Popular Front in Corrèze. No more coming to the Prize de Paroles festival in Jarnac, and also the getaway to Rochefort. A very meager sacrifice in the face of the hope of a return to the political arena. Thanks WHO ? Thank you Manu.

Captain’s age

Smile of the mayor of Rochefort Hervé Blanché and LR candidate on the 2e constituency by discussing in the municipal council the renovation of the municipal swimming pool, which is 55 years old. “A beautiful age,” he commented despite the dilapidation of the sports equipment opened in 1969. A year which is also that of the birth of a certain Hervé Blanché who will try to prove that unlike the swimming pool, it has not gone out of fashion.

Well put

Jean Rouger, socialist mayor of Saintes from 2008 to 2014, was present at the creation of the Saintais committee of the New Popular Front. “I experienced the divisions of the left, the low blows. I was fired by my parish. As in any family, there are arguments. But now we all need to come together. What matters is the path to staying upright. » To argue with each other later?

Oh right

Fabrice Barusseau, NFP candidate for Saintes – Saint-Jean-d’Angély and PS sympathizer, thought he had the support of the Horizons mayor of Saintes Bruno Drapron. On paper, it was strange, but the hypothesis had been discussed. He was betting on the centrist mayor’s displayed animosity towards Jean-Philippe Ardouin, the outgoing Macronist deputy. Reason prevailed and Drapron supported Ardouin but only half-heartedly.

Always better next door

Raphaël Gérard, Ensemble candidate on 4e constituency, does not hide his bitterness regarding the presence of Céline Drouillard (Les Républicains). “It is a candidacy which leads to nothing and which will disperse the votes in the first round. » His incomprehension is all the greater since there is no LR candidate in the neighboring constituency. But in the 5th, Christophe Plassard has a hard time knowing if the absence of LR is such good news: “Is it better to be able to rely on a reservoir of votes in the second round? », he asks himself. The grass is always greener on the other side.

Interested support?

The mayor of Royan Les Républicains Patrick Marengo is one of the supporters of the outgoing Horizons deputy Christophe Plassard on the 5e constituency. He will even be at the high mass on June 28 at the Palais des congrès with Dominique Bussereau and Jean-Pierre Raffarin. The government majority candidate, in private, does not hide his doubts about the real reasons for this support. If he is not elected, it could indeed be that Christophe Plassard would like to run in the 2026 municipal elections in Royan against… Patrick Marengo.

Sports, politics

Substitute for the (socialist) candidate of the New Popular Front in the 5e constituency, Anne Brachet, Caroline Cousseau took her commitment to the point of demonstrating against the extreme right, on Saturday June 15, in Saintes. Yet of a sporting nature, Caroline Cousseau has been dragging her leg since the demonstration. The fault… a strain in the right calf. Let it be said, politics can be traumatic, for the muscles too.



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