SENEGAL-ECONOMY-TAX / New authorities invited to broaden the tax base to collect more revenue (expert) – Senegalese Press Agency

Saly, June 22 (APS) – The president of the tax section of the National Order of Experts of Senegal, Mouhamed Guèye, invited Saturday in Saly (west), the new authorities to think about broadening the tax base, to collect maximum revenue.

“We cannot continue to overtax a small portion of taxpayers and leave a whole mass of taxpayers behind. We must insist on broadening the tax base,” suggested Mouhamed Guèye.

He took part in the second edition of the Tax Brunch, tax meetings organized by the National Order of Experts of Senegal (ONES).

“We must find ways to ensure that more taxpayers exist and that more taxpayers pay and by paying less, of course,” added Mr. Guèye.

The expert specifies, however, that “it is not a question of increasing the burden of tax on those who already pay”.

“It therefore appears necessary that tax incentives be subject to good management so that they do not burden public finances,” underlined Ousmane Diagne, the Minister of Justice, Keeper of the Seals.

For the official, “what the State loses in revenue must be able to be compensated by gains in terms of investment and jobs”.

Which raises, according to Mr. Diagne, “the question of the effectiveness and efficiency of tax incentive measures”.

For Ousmane Diagne, these tax meetings around the theme of “Evaluation of the tax incentive system in Senegal”, are a “necessary exercise”, to “evaluate a major reform after a few years of implementation”.

Mouhamed Guèye believes that “there are many things that need to change” in the tax incentive system in Senegal, even if “there are things that work (and others) that do not work.” , in this system, which is the subject of an evaluation.




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