Drug trafficking: Rapper Akbess placed under arrest

Drug trafficking: Rapper Akbess placed under arrest
Drug trafficking: Rapper Akbess placed under arrest

While he was busy preparing for the music festival planned for yesterday, rapper AKBess was arrested at his home in Ouakam on Wednesday before being transferred to Fatick where he was referred and placed under arrest warrant yesterday.

His arrest follows a case of international hashish trafficking in which two Senegalese F. Mbaye and SL Ndoye are cited, managed by agents of the branch of the Directorate of the central office for the repression of illicit drug trafficking (Docrtis ) by Fatick.

On June 2, 2023, the duo was referred to the prosecution following their arrest at the Gambian border with a quantity of 700 g of hashish. During their hearings, according to our sources, they confided that the drugs found among them belonged to the rapper. They confided that after a concert held in Gambia, the rapper left his suitcases there. He asked them to bring them back to him, introducing a quantity of drugs into them. Once at the border, they were surprised by bloodhounds.

Since then, investigators from this drug police entity have been looking for rapper AKBess who was outside the country. Police radars had located him between Morocco and Cape Verde.

On his return, the bloodhounds picked him up from his home last Wednesday. The police found traces of hashish at the place where he was arrested.

During his face to face with investigators, our sources announced, he denied being the owner of this drug. He claims he never asked them to bring drugs for him. However, it was established during the preliminary investigation that one of the accused is his childhood friend.

Yesterday, late in the morning, Bass Al Khadim Rassoul alias AKBess, was presented before the prosecutor near the Fatick high court.

His face to face with him lasted only a short while, given that he had been wanted since June 2023. He was placed under arrest warrant for the acts of international drug trafficking and criminal association.





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