In Saint-Brieuc, the Shake Art festival colors the walls [En images]

In Saint-Brieuc, the Shake Art festival colors the walls [En images]
In Saint-Brieuc, the Shake Art festival colors the walls [En images]

They provide graffiti. For four days, from June 20 to 23, around ten French and international street artists and graffiti artists take over the streets of Saint-Brieuc, and more precisely their walls. With their creations, they adorn the city with its most beautiful colors in front of the intrigued looks of passers-by. “It’s really magnificent,” exclaims a resident of rue du Maréchal-Foch on her way back from the market, when she sees the work of Damien Collet, Place de la Madeleine. Many also came expressly to make the trip.

Art gives free rein to the imagination. Guided tours of the city allowed visitors to discover the artists’ performances live on the walls, this Saturday, June 22 (they continue this Sunday). Very interested, they took the opportunity to ask many questions and discuss with the street artists their choices of creation.

Everyone has their own technique

Nadège Dauvergne set up at Allée Marie-Le Vaillant to create a fresco for four days. She works on divisionism, an artistic movement where she paints by superimposing colors using lines: “Up close, we cannot see everything but we have access to the DNA of color. From afar, the colors synthesize. We can only understand this work by taking a distance or through a photo,” she reveals in front of around ten visitors.

When the wall is completely painted, passers-by will be able to see a sunset, such is the wish of the Oisian artist.

If others like Nora Simon create collage, Milouz integrates passers-by into his creative process when he colors the walls with his sprays. Like this Saturday, June 22 at the end of the morning, he invited a young boy to graffiti with him, really delighted to participate in the beautification of the wall located opposite the work of Diaspora Crew, adjoining rue Charbonnerie.

Art for everyone

In addition to the colorful facades in the city center and the villages, the promenade park hosts a village with various activities. The atmosphere grew crescendo throughout the day. From 11 a.m., a few curious people came to stop by to follow the start of the “contest” (competition in French) where three graffiti artists pre-selected on file create a work live in front of the public, on a wall support measuring 5 m by 5 m. One of them had even finished his work around 4:30 p.m.

Selfies and positive comments were going well: “so beautiful”, “it’s great”, “they are too strong”… The winner of the best creation, chosen this Sunday, will be invited to the next edition in 2025.

Because it’s not just adults who can create and have fun, the children were also able to try their hand at graffiti on discs or spray painting under the amazed eyes of their parents. (Real) future artists!


The second edition of Shake Art festival ends this Sunday, June 23. Musical entertainment, discovery workshops, closing of the “contest” and guided tours (11 a.m., Hello midnight; 3 p.m., Parc des Promenades) are planned throughout the day.



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