Fallers of Grenoble, the Crabos of CA Brive will challenge Toulouse in the final

Fallers of Grenoble, the Crabos of CA Brive will challenge Toulouse in the final
Fallers of Grenoble, the Crabos of CA Brive will challenge Toulouse in the final

After achieving the feat against Bordeaux in the quarterfinals, the CA Brive Crabos dominated Grenoble (16-14) this Saturday in the semi-final in Gerzat. The Corréziens will challenge Stade Toulousain in the final.

The CAB Crabs are definitely unstoppable! Fallers of Bordeaux in the quarters, the Corréziens repeated the feat, this Saturday, June 22, by beating Grenoble, at the end of a close match from start to finish.

And the Brivist victory was slow in taking shape. The first half, particularly balanced in the game, mainly saw the scorers shine.

Crabos semi-final: ASM, valiant, but beaten by Stade Toulousain (watch the match again on video)

Maël Navizet, the Grenoble opener, responded twice to his Brivist counterpart, Luka Kélétaona, to send the two teams back to back, at the break (6-6).

The only real dangerous opportunity was to the credit of the Corréziens, who thought they had scored the first try of the match, when Omby went into the goal (25th). This was without counting on the return of Grenoblois, who were eye-catching in defense.

Realistic and tactical

Returning from the locker room, the Brivistes suffered the Grenoble attacks, before breaking at the hour mark. After a breakthrough of more than 30 meters from Pozin, the FCG ally, Axel Gaget, rushed to score the first try of the match ( 9-14, 56th).

Touched, but not sunk, the CAB players were quick to react. Five minutes later, a first foray into the Isère 22 meters, a ball carried and Tafili finished the work of the forwards (16-14, 62nd).

“We spent the whole second half in our own half and we had ten seconds in their 22 meters and we scored. The shot on goal was there, the character too, that’s what you need in the final stages “.

Régis Lespinas (Co-coach of the CAB Crabos)


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Pragmatic but also tactical, the Corréziens were able to hold the ball at the end of the match to win and secure a place in the final against the reigning champion, Stade Toulousain.

“Playing Toulouse is always complicated. We beat them once, and we lost at their place once, so the ball is in the middle, but it’s great to find ourselves in the final,” appreciates Mayeul Duboisset, head of the CAB youth teams.

Clara Gazelle

CA Brive 16 – Grenoble 14

GERZAT (Georges Fustier stadium). CA Brive beats Grenoble, 16-14. Halftime: 6-6. Referee: Mr. Anthony Marceau. Around 400 spectators.

Dots.Brive: 1 try from Tafili (62nd); 3 penalties from Keletaona (16th, 29th, 52nd); 1 transformation from Keletaona (63rd).
Grenoble: 1 try from Gaget (57th); 3 penalties from Navizet (4th, 37th, 53rd)

Evolution you score. 0-3, 3-3, 6-3, 6-6 ; 9-6, 9-9, 9-14, 16-14.

CA Brive.Lacoste; Peyramare, Masse, rayeur, Papon; (o) Keletaona, (m) Laurent; Mendy, Lazerat, Bedjaoui; Camara, Ox; Tafili, Algay, Tesseyre.

Grenoble. . . . Rates ; Coutin, Position, Routine, Gadget ; (o) Ship, (m) Bouzegaya ; Becquaert, Avogadro, Drug ; Loutongo, Michaud ; Langlois, Hermann, James.



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