Four injured, including two serious, in fights in Martigny (VS)

Four injured, including two serious, in fights in Martigny (VS)
Four injured, including two serious, in fights in Martigny (VS)

“The Jura Question will not disappear by the simple miracle of words,” declared constitutionalist Jean Moritz on Saturday in Delémont during a conference at the Jura People’s Festival. The situation is not fixed from the point of view of the law, he said.

Former cantonal judge and ex-president of the Jura Constitutional Court, Jean Moritz exegesized the Federal Constitution to find out if a door remained open for a possible new development in the Bernese Jura, during a presentation to the International Conference on the Right of Self-Determination at the Jura Parliament.

Political leaders, Bernese in particular, ensure that the transfer of Moutier (BE) to Jura on January 1, 2026 – subject to popular approval from the two cantons this fall – will mark the end of the Jura conflict, recalled Mr. Moritz . However, “this is rhetoric. No one can decree, from a political-legal point of view, the end of the Jura Question”, maintained the specialist.

Article 53 of the Federal Constitution describes the modalities for the modification of a cantonal territory. In doing so, does the Constitution “limit itself to describing a process (of self-determination) or does it implicitly admit a right to self-determination?”, asked Mr. Moritz. In his eyes, consistency implies recognizing this implicit right. Enough to open the door to new demands.

Own identity

“The Jura is not reduced to the canton of Jura. The Bernese Constitution itself recognizes the identity of the Bernese Jura,” clarified the former judge.

If the right to self-determination is recognized, interested municipalities can always invoke it, “contrary to what the Bernese government asserts”, said Mr. Moritz. That of Belprahon (BE) in particular has expressed desire to join the Jura, like Moutier, its large neighbor.

Evoking several possible scenarios, Jean Moritz estimated that the question of the creation of a canton of the Jura Arc (Jura, Bernese Jura, Neuchâtel) “could come back to the table”.

Reinforced autonomy

He also thinks, moreover, that the creation of a status of reinforced autonomy for the Bernese Jura constitutes “a realistic medium-term perspective”. Regional governance would be established there, leading to close collaboration with Jura in areas such as tourism, transport, schools and culture.

On the other hand, the scenario of a transfer of the Bernese Jura to the canton of Jura remains “a figment of the mind”, noted the former judge.

The latter ironically commented on the new name of “Grand Chasseral”, which tends to erase the political reality of the region, and launched: “It is not excluded that the Jura conflict continues and not excluded either that the dialogue between Jura and Bern is normalized.

The International Conference on the Right of Self-Determination brought together, in addition to Jura activists, representatives of the French-speaking communities in Acadia (Canada), the Aosta Valley (Italy) and Quebec, supported by other “friendly peoples” in Corsica, Catalonia or Belgium.

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