SOCCER. Évreux FC 27 wins the Normandy Cup hands down

SOCCER. Évreux FC 27 wins the Normandy Cup hands down
SOCCER. Évreux FC 27 wins the Normandy Cup hands down


Philippe Guinchard

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June 22, 2024 at 8:01 p.m.
; updated June 22, 2024 at 8:10 p.m.

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After many adventures, an uncontested semi-final between US Grammont and the Ornaise team of La Selle-La-Forges (R3), finally declared forfeit, and therefore two weeks late on the official calendar, the final of the Senior Normandy Cup was finally able to be played this Saturday June 22, 2024. Not in Flers (61), like all the other finals of the Normandy Football League, but in Caen, at the Venoix stadium.

No spectators, unfortunately, this match was classified as high risk and therefore played behind closed doors, with even a security service to avoid any excess from outside.

On the field, Évreux first took the advantage (1-0, 13th) before being caught in the 28th (1-1).

Valentin Candas allowed his team to definitively pass Grammont in the 35th minute. ©La Dépêche/FB

Candas resolves the situation

Not very sharp until now, the footballers of EFC 27, champions of their Regional 2 group and promoted to R1 at the start of the next school year, then worked harder.

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A goal of Valentin Candas (2-1, 35th) will free the players from Thomas Maureywho reached the break with a comfortable lead (4-1, 45th).

At the hour mark, the decision was definitively made (6-1). The final score (7-1) was clear!

Mission accomplished for the Ébroïcians, easy winners of US Grammont (D1) in the final of the Normandy Cup. ©La Dépêche/FB

Under the eyes of its president Samuel BrigantinoÉvreux FC 27 had a perfect season, with an unprecedented cup-championship double.

Full report in our paper edition ofYour informationfrom Tuesday June 25, 2024.

(with Florentin Bruère, CLP)

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