The Courrier du Sud | First edition of the Longueuil Comique Fest from July 11 to 21

The Courrier du Sud | First edition of the Longueuil Comique Fest from July 11 to 21
The Courrier du Sud | First edition of the Longueuil Comique Fest from July 11 to 21

A hundred artists, 41 shows over 10 days, invited by three fans of the stage and humor; the first Longueuil Comique Fest promises to be buzzing if we are to believe the ardor that the co-founders of the event put into creating it.

“We saw the empire crumble and decided to put our own project in motion. A project that is different, scintillating,” explains Isabelle Desmarais, director of programming who works alongside Les Lou, Stéphane Paquin, technical director and Pierre-Luc Beaucage, administrative director.

They had already started work, but the hasty departure of Juste pour Rire put the machine into second gear. “We had to, we started working on this in mid-March, if not, at the beginning of April. So it’s quick to put together such a big comedy event in a short time, but we have the ambition and the objective to present something very good,” admit the three merry guys who operate in the industry. of the scene, particularly around comedians, for two decades.

A welcoming room

In fact, Stéphane and Pierre-Luc have managed the Fenplast Room at Collège Charles-Lemoyne together for four years. They host more than a hundred shows per year. The two guys who have been working in the field for two decades know almost everyone involved in humor in Quebec. The network is good, let’s say. “Whether they are artists who have been on stage for six months or for 10 years and more, our festival-goers will have the choice between traditional stand-up, sketch, burlesque, drag and theater,” say -they.

As for Isabelle, she joined her accomplices three years ago, after six years spent within the Juste pour Rire Group, including some at the ZooFest team. “We found each other, something connected,” says Pierre-Luc.

Their ambition is therefore to introduce the room, emerging artists, another way of doing humor, but also the South Shore. “Humor in Quebec is popular and our mission is pleasant, but humor is not only in downtown Montreal. We have a beautiful room, free parking and people from here, Longueuil and the surrounding area will discover something by showing up from July 11 to 21. We can tell them, here we are,” says Isabelle.

Shows for all tastes

The Lou and the Belle of the Longueuil Comique Fest will introduce you to an abundant and never-before-seen program. “We are going to offer different components that illustrate the DNA of the festival and explain the difference that we offer to the public. On the theater side, these will be plays like “Québec Viral: The Musical”, “Starry Watter” and “How to Lose a Guy in a Match”. The series of test benches will see, among others, comedians Louis-Josée Houde, Martin Perizzolo, Simon Delisle and Thomas Levac test their next shows, among others, list the organizers.

Collège Charles-Lemoyne on Boulevard Taschereau, in Longueuil, will host shows, sometimes four or five per evening, in the Fenplast Room, but also in two classes transformed respectively into a comedy cabaret, La Classe, and into a podcast recording studio, The studio.

The performances will be colorful and bursting with humor. Longueuil Comique Fest is a showcase for the evolution of Quebec humor.

To find out more about the complete program and online ticketing, you can visit

“However, we must act quickly, there are only 3,800 tickets for sale. The rooms fill up quickly. Because we have a good base for a first year. People will have fun because we want to offer them the best possible experience,” conclude those who not only have the expertise, but also the passion to do well.



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