BOULES LYONNAISES: The Club Bouliste du Creusot is hosting the Saône-et-Loire championships this weekend

Four categories meet over two days at Jean Garnier for these championships which will designate those qualified for the French championship, it will be in July. The boys are in quadrets, the girls, on Sunday, will be in triplets.

“With this weather, you have to play with an open hand,” explains Samuel Brych, president of the “cousins” of pétanque. We agree, diplomatically, by the way, what is open hand? “If we point while holding the ball under the hand, as we usually do, the ball gains less speed, by throwing it with the ball on the palm of the hand, with the hand open, it will gain speed and it This is what is needed with this soggy terrain. » Okay, we understand better.

It is obvious that the weather greatly disrupted the competition of these Saône-et-Loire championships, it was even necessary to neutralize the leads and the heats for 10 minutes. Exceptionally moved to Annex 1 of the Jean Garnier, these championships brought together the qualifiers from the previous phases in M3 and M4 (Men’s third and fourth division) and the finals will be played on Sunday at the end of the afternoon, the girls, (F1, F2, F3 and F4) will have Sunday to decide between themselves.

The vice-president of the organizing club, the Club Bouliste du Creusot, Christian Mathias, regretted the weather: “No luck with this rain, we had this downpour which forced us to interrupt. It complicates everything, the ground is more difficult, heavier, we have to play differently, do faster run-ups, we have more effort to make. » A word on the challenges of these championships: “The boys are in quadrettes, their finals will be played tomorrow at the end of the afternoon, in M3, two places will qualify for the “France”, in M4, three. Tomorrow (Sunday), the girls will be in triplets, in F1 and F2 they will have one qualifying place, two in F3/F4”

The change of site, playing at Jean Garnier instead of Riaux, modified the organizational schedule, still the vice-president: “It’s so much better in fact, the Jean Garnier site is much more functional than that of Riaux , bigger, more places, we have toilets available and the setting is much more pleasant. We would like to thank the town of Le Creusot. Moreover, in the future, if we still organize championships, we will ask for Jean Garnier again. »

The boys will continue the rounds until Sunday and they will make the finals at the end of the afternoon, like the girls.

Vincent Brucci




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